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November 21, 07:30

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November 21, 07:30:

⬛ Yesterday at the UN, Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan hosted a screening of Hamas atrocities from the October 7th massacre. The event was opened by Mosab Hasan YOSEF, the son of one of the founders of Hamas terrorists. This was expected to be the largest screening that has taken place to date with over 300 ambassadors, diplomats, senior UN officials, and Jewish leaders in attendance.

Ambassador Gilad remarks, mark International Children’s Day and implored the UN to condemn Hamas terrorists, which committed one of the most serious war crimes in history and currently holds dozens of children and infants hostage.

Watch the first part of the event when Mosab shares his story:

November 21, 08:00

????Unrecognized Aircraft at HaGalil HaElyon, Mevo’ot HaHermon [07:21]: Confrontation Line – Kibbutz Dan, Shear Yeshuv, Ghajar, Dafna, HaGoshrim, Snir.

◼ATGM and mortar shell launches reported towards Metula Israel.

◼IDF artillery fire towards Hiam, Kafrkila, Odaisseh, and Deir Mimas in Lebanon.

◼ Reports of IDF air strikes and artillery in Hiam and Kafrkila Lebanon

◼IDF spokesperson: Attached is the IDF spokesman’s announcement regarding the names of the two IDF heroes who fell in battle in the Northern Gaza Strip and whose families were notified:

Cpt. (res.) Arnon Moshe Avraham Benvenisti Vaspi, 26, an officer of the Givati Brigade’s Reconnaissance Battalion, from Yesud HaMa’ala.

Staff Sgt. Ilya Senkin, 20, a soldier of the Givati Brigade’s Rotem Battalion from Nof Hagalil.

Attached is a link to the IDF website, where further updates on the fallen soldiers have been published:

In addition, two reservists in the 699th Battalion, 551st Brigade were seriously injured during a battle in the northern Gaza Strip.

A combat officer in the 17th Battalion, Bislam Brigade, was seriously injured during a battle in the north of the Gaza Strip.

Also, a fighter from Battalion 46, and a fighter from Battalion 52, Brigade 401 were seriously injured during a battle in the northern Gaza Strip.

The fighters were evacuated for medical treatment, their families were informed.

November 21, 08:05

ISRAEL REALTIME — “Connecting the World to Israel in Realtime”

November 21, 08:05:

◼IDF spokesperson: As part of the IDF’s activities in the Gaza Strip, IDF aircraft attacked about 250 Hamas terrorist targets over the past day. Among the targets are dozens of terrorists, missile launchers, and various terrorist infrastructures.

During the night, the fire canopy of the Gaza Division directed a combat helicopter that destroyed a rocket launching station, which launched rockets into the Gush Dan area yesterday (Sunday). The position was placed near a residential area of a civilian population.

In addition, combat team fighters of the Harel Brigade located a cache of weapons in the home of a Nakhaba terrorist in the Gaza Strip, and a combat team of the 14th Brigade located an anti-tank missile hidden under a baby bed.

Attached to this post is documentation on some of the IDF force’s activity in the Gaza Strip.

Attached is documentation of IDF attacks in Gaza:

Attached is documentation of an attack on a launch site:

Attached are photos of the weapons found:

November 21, 08:45

◼IDF spokesperson: Following the recent alert in northern Israel, there is no suspicion of an aerial infiltration.

Furthermore, a short while ago, three anti-tank missile launches from Lebanese territory toward the area of Metula in northern Israel were identified. No injuries were reported. In response, IDF soldiers are striking toward the source of the fire in Lebanon.

◾IDF ATTACKS… GAZA: Jabaliya is the center of northern Gaza, an urban district. Heavy strikes in Jabaliya to “prepare the ground for battle.” Outskirts of Jabaliya, three tunnel entrances, with Hamas operatives inside, were bombed. Ground battles on the outskirts. Northside, troops killed several Hamas operatives, seized weapons, and destroyed tunnels.

IDF also announced they bombed the launch site of yesterday’s huge rocket barrage towards central Israel.

◾WALL STREET JOURNAL SAYS… The IDF has stationed 100,000 soldiers on the border with Lebanon.

◾LEBANON SKIRMISHES… The Lebanese Almanar channel reports that the IDF attacked a target in the village of Khiam with a long-range guided missile. (( Unlikely, it could be an interceptor that fell there or a Hezbollah rocket failure. )) Hezbollah’s daily activity summary report: 8 attacks against Israeli targets, of which 4 were in the western sector and 4 in the eastern sector via rockets, short-range guided missiles (anti-tank missiles), and suicide drones. Enemy sources: The IDF is this morning attacking targets in several locations in southern Lebanon from the air. IDF artillery fire is reported in Lebanon.

◾JUDEA… IDF forces are operating in Jericho this morning.

◾POLICE UPDATE ON TERROR ARREST… to avoid freaking people out, the police updated that the Gazans arrested in the Negev were “not terror attackers” but merely “looters” who took advantage of the attack.

◾UN SAYS… “We are witnessing the killing of civilians that is unparalleled, and it is unprecedented in any conflict since I have been the Secretary General of the United Nations,” the Secretary General of the United Nations.

◾HAIFA WATER… After receiving normal sampling results of the drinking water in Haifa and approval from the Ministry of Health – there is no longer a need to boil water in Haifa.


(( nothing written here has ANY confirmation – could be intentional lies or political manipulation, even though many are mainstream sources ))

. Chairman of the Political Bureau of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh: We answered Qatar and the mediators: we are close to the “Hudna” (temporary cease-fire).

. Senior Hamas official to Al Jazeera: The agreement will include the release of kidnapped women and children in exchange for the release of Palestinian women and minors held in Israeli prisons.

. Palestine al-Yum channel: Hamas and Islamic Jihad agreed in principle to a 5-day ceasefire and the release of 50 hostages held by the terrorist organizations in Gaza and foreign citizens who are not soldiers – in exchange for the release of 300 juvenile prisoners and women from Israeli prisons. The ceasefire will include a complete cessation of fire and a complete cessation of Israeli flights over the Gaza Strip throughout the days of the ceasefire, except for the north of the Strip where Israel will stop the use of aircraft for 6 hours a day. The transaction will be carried out in stages so that 10 abductees will be released a day and at the same time 30 Palestinian prisoners. In addition, 300 trucks of food, medical equipment, and fuel will be brought to all areas of the Strip.

. Defense Minister Gallant: According to family members of hostages who participated in the war cabinet meeting, Gallant said about the hostage deals during the conversation: He estimates that the deals will be in stages.

. A senior Israeli official on the kidnapping deal: We are indeed getting very close to the deal. It was agreed to release 50 hostages, and the rest – up to 100 – will be released in exchange for the extension of the ceasefire. The abductees who will be released are children, their mothers, and other women.

. According to a senior source in Hamas, Hamas demanded that the deal include the return of the security prisoners’ conditions “to the previous situation”.

November 21, Noon

???? HOSTAGE NEGOTIATIONS… Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar: “The negotiations on the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas have reached the final stage and the parameters of the agreement will be published.” Prime Minister’s Office: In light of the developments regarding the release of our hostages – the Prime Minister will convene the War Cabinet at 18:00, the Political-Security Cabinet at 19:00, and the Government at 20:00.

???? NORTH ALERT… The IDF attacked in southern Lebanon, and supposedly from their drone fire killed 2 journalists and their driver – and injured others (another report says 4 civilians dead). Hezbollah has a history of responding strongly to civilian casualties (although the journalists were Hezbollah media, not exactly neutral journalists) and trying to cause whatever they received. War activity in the north will likely grow, probably in a surprise attack.

Enemy: “will not tolerate harm to civilians and any harm to them will not go without a price, and this is part of its equation.” “The killing of the journalists will not go without a response from our side.”

Israel is currently flying jets over Beirut and Tripoli (Lebanon) – a visual message of “we could be bombing here”.

In the meantime, Israel continues bombing and artillery fire on South Lebanon towns with Hezbollah military presence. The IDF has increased the volume of offensive activity today in southern Lebanon after Hezbollah increased activity over the last few days.

◾NEAR GAZA TOWNS TO REOPEN TO RESIDENTS — OR NOT… a general announcement was made in the media that towns 4 km or more from Gaza would be reopened to residents, followed within a few hours to say “not yet, in planning”. And now followed by a statement from the town administration, “After our review with the security officials, we inform you that the announcement regarding the approval of the return home of the Gaza surrounding towns (4-7 km), is NOT TRUE. The time for the residents to return to their homes (those that weren’t burnt down – and those residents who survived) is in discussion with security officials and between the town authorities.”

◾TOWNS DEMAND DEFENSE EQUIPMENT FROM MIN. OF DEFENSE… Various towns are protesting against the Ministry of Defense, demanding that their (newly authorized) local defense squads be provided with rifles, ceramic bulletproof vests, and other necessary equipment. “You want residents to return to attacked towns without defense equipment and defense training? You are risking lives! We warned you before October 7, we are warning you now!”

◾SAMARIA – BALATA, SHECHEM (Nablus)… clashes between security forces and local terrorists.

◾U.S. BASES IN IRAQ ATTACKED… again. This time by “the Islamic Resistance of Iraq”. “the American presence will witness an escalation in the region.” U.S. droned a senior Hezbollah Iraq operative in his car between Baghdad and Fallujah. The aerial elimination of the operative from Hezbollah in Iraq is interpreted as a warning to the senior Shiite militias.

◾ROCKETS from GAZA… to near Gaza towns.
◾ROCKETS from LEBANON… significant increase in rocket fire in the last 30 minutes to northern border towns, Kiryat Shmona, Beit Hillel, and surrounds, Hanita. Multiple rounds.

???? NORTH ALERT… Expected increase in war activity, those in the north should take extra precautions, and stay near shelter.

◾IDF DRONES HAMAS COMMANDER LEBANON… IDF drone strike on a vehicle in South Lebanon containing the deputy commander of Hamas Lebanon. Western intelligence sources say this has a major impact on Hamas’s capabilities in Lebanon.

???? HOSTAGE DEAL… The Prime Minister will convene the War Cabinet at 18:00, the Political-Security Cabinet at 19:00, and the Government at 20:00 to approve the deal.

THE DEAL (per reporters Amit Segal Ch. 12 and Maria Asref Ch. 13)

. Israel hostages to be released: 53 children and women in ‘batches’
. With more releases of children and women (meaning NOT ALL CHILDREN in round 1) if days of quiet
. At Hamas’s request, it does not include soldiers
. Israel’s requirement – only holders of an Israeli identity card

. 50 Israeli abductees will be freed in batches, and 140 Hamas women and teenage terrorists will also be released in batches
. An Israeli senior official: We estimate that they have about 80 abductees in their possession (that is, another 30 to be located) who can be released in this deal – and insist on women and not just mothers. (( where are the others??? ))
. For every 10 additional Israeli abductees who are released beyond 50 – Israel will allow one more day of pause.
. Senior Israeli official: The Qataris are good guarantors of this agreement.

November 21, 18:00

Hamas terrorist channels are talking about a large missile offensive against Israel before the supposed ceasefire later tonight. Please be vigilant.

???? HOSTAGE DEAL… Appropriate cabinet meeting to review and approve (or not) the deal.

Approval will be held for 24 hours to allow High Court challenges.

Otzma Yehudit party says they will NOT support the deal per the public terms.
The religious Zionist party says they will NOT support the deal per the public terms.

… both stating the high risk to the war effort and the soldiers and that previous trades have resulted in the people we are fighting today.

Several Likud members say they oppose the deal, believing it a surrender to terror.
However, a majority of the government likely supports the deal.

(Amit Segal) Estimate: 70-80 hostages will be released, meaning that the ceasefire will last until Wednesday or Thursday morning.
(Amit Segal) Among the 150 female terrorists and minors to be released, no one was convicted of murder.
Hezbollah: Hamas forced Israel to agree to a ceasefire.
(Ch. 14) A senior Israeli official confirms: that Israel has agreed to cease aircraft and intelligence over the northern Gaza Strip for 6 hours every day. (( THIS IS SUICIDE! if true. ))
Israel commits to 300 humanitarian trucks including fuel every day, even after the end of the ceasefire. (( MASSIVE FUEL SUPPLIES? this is INSANE! ))

◾ROCKETS from GAZA… to central Israel, large barrage.
◾DRONES from LEBANON… multiple rounds, plus rockets, multiple rounds.

◾TERROR ATTACK NEAR HEBRON… two terrorists jumped out of a car near the pillbox and opened fire with Carlo-type weapons. Soldiers who were in it successfully eliminated both of them.

◾SOUTH AFRICA SAYS… The parliament decided to sever ties with Israel.

November 21st 20:23

◼ IDF spokesperson: The IDF released pictures of the breach of the blast door from the terror tunnel underneath the Shifa Hospital.

Attached is a photo of the blast door after being breached:

Attached is a photo of the continuation of the tunnel route and entry doors to rooms in the tunnel:

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