Isreal Realtime November 20th

November 20, 07:30

◼Reports this morning of temperatures in the Hermon stand at -0.5 degrees. A 5cm blanket of snow covered the tanks and the outpost line. Photo: Hermon website

◾DEAR PRINCE… thank you for offering to get the Israeli hostages out of Gaza for merely your negotiation teams’ travel expenses, paid in advance in Bitcoin. I mentioned it to the War Cabinet, they said you are a scammer! I’m shocked that they wouldn’t take up this opportunity!

????HOSTAGES AND CEASEFIRE INFO… it is IMPOSSIBLE to know if ANYTHING being mentioned in public is true – “unnamed officials”, “anonymity”, “senior official”, “person involved”. Until there are official announcements it is ALL rumor.

(Arab Desk) Hamas is waging a psychological war against Israel, and especially against the families of the hostages on the whole subject of the hostages, don’t believe all kinds of rubbish reports that are circulated on Israeli (and Arab) channels.

◾CEASEFIRE – NOT… Jordanian Alghad newspaper: “According to the prisoner exchange deal, a pause of the fighting will begin tomorrow, Monday, at 11:00 (morning).” IDF Radio: there is no agreement on a ceasefire tomorrow at 11 AM. A senior Israeli official: ‘There is no conclusion on a truce tomorrow, regardless of the deal.’

◾HOSTAGE JUGGLING… The Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades in the Gaza Strip (a Fatah-identified Gazan military faction that fights alongside Hamas) said last night: “We secretly and successfully handed over some of the prisoners (the abductees) in our possession ‘to the relevant authorities’ some time ago.” (( THE SIGNIFICANCE… Hamas has been saying ‘we can’t return all the hostages, we don’t have control of all the hostages.’ Lies. ))

◾HOSTAGE EXCHANGE – NOT… Senior Hamas official announced early this morning: ‘There is no truth in the reports of the media that attributed to a source in Hamas a message about the arrival of a prisoner exchange deal that will begin this morning.’

◾ANOTHER GAZA HOSPITAL… The enemy reports the IDF has surrounded the Indonesian hospital and bombed the surrounding area. According to enemy channels, IDF snipers have positioned themselves in the towers overlooking the hospital and they do not allow entry to or exit from the hospital.

◾THE TOLL… several announcements of the falling of our hero soldiers yesterday, bringing the active war toll to 65. May their memories be a blessing and may Hashem avenge their blood!

◾IDF SAYS… Ground operations in the Gaza Strip continued, and the IDF killed three additional company commanders of Hamas.

◾UN SAYS… UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: “The rules of international humanitarian law must be observed. Disobeying these rules may constitute war crimes.” (( Hmm, does that apply to… Hamas? ))

◾ROCKETS from GAZA… short range, nearby towns Sderot and surrounds overnight and this morning.

◾ATTACKS FROM LEBANON… are occurring already this morning.

◾EXPLOSIONS IN BNEI BRAK – IT’S A DRILL! The police will conduct a force training exercise in Bnei Brak between 9:00 – 16:00. Explosions may be heard in the area. IT’S A DRILL… but if unsure do not hesitate to call the police at 100.

◾U.S. BASES IN IRAQ AND SYRIA… multiple attacks daily continue, including injuries and deaths among American soldiers.

???? HEAVY RAINS AND FLOOD WARNINGS CONTINUE … the strong storm that started yesterday remains with us – rains throughout the country and the fear of floods in the streams of the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea, and even snow in high elevations in the north. Later in the day the rains and winds will gradually weaken and a slight increase in temperatures will be felt starting tomorrow. The weather will still be colder than average for the time of year. Areas prone to flooding should be avoided.


(there is no way to confirm the authenticity of this letter translated from Hebrew, but the message is strong)

Take a moment and read carefully. Commander of a unit currently deployed in Gaza.

Hamas is stronger than the left. It is also stronger than the right, and also Bibi & Ben Gvir. Our enemy is stronger than Israeli high-tech and the settlement enterprise. Tel Aviv’s beautiful soul has no chance against them, nor does the periphery.

But Hamas has no chance against Israel. When we are united and mobilized, they retreat into their tunnels and pray for a ceasefire.

This war has stuck me in a tank, sharing it with two comrades, between two “Dossim” (slur for Jewish religiously observant Israelis) one who served a year and one who served four, a Smotrich voter, and a Ben Gvir voter, and I seemingly have nothing in common with them. But the army’s melting pot poured us back into one unit, a tank crew. At some point, we adopted and started talking about everything. About the Haredim, about the Supreme Court, public transportation, core studies, even sexuality, everything.

And what did we discover? That we agree on about 90% of the issues. Let’s assume they are nice and agreeable, so about 80%.

Until about a month and a half ago, they were the enemy. We met on both sides of the fence, but Hamas reminded us that we are essentially on the same side.

Our politicians draw their strength from the division between us. They take the 10% – 20% disagreement between us and turn it into the main thing, because that’s what gives them a mandate to “represent” us, to fight in our name. They do it at the expense of our security, our welfare, our taxes, and our freedom (also our freedom to pray, by the way).

I see many people looking for ways to contribute to the war effort, Sending underwear, socks, cigarettes, and combat gear. Moroccan mothers who sent us fish and couscous for Shabbat, and kibbutz retirees who drove these pots to across the country. Techies came to install 360-degree cameras on the tank, something the army is not quick and flexible enough to do on its own. And hilltop youth that the army refused to draft at all, came on Saturday, cut, sowed, and stitched so that we wouldn’t enter Gaza without protective covers shielding us from drones.

The most important contribution is for you to unite as a people, and work to come closer. Focus on the similarities and set aside a bit of difference. Invent frameworks that will connect us even outside the army. I know it’s complicated with issues of kosher and modesty and separation and no separation, but I trust you.

This is the most important thing, that we are together. Because we, the soldiers, from all our tribes, enter enemy territory and endanger our lives not for any government or politician, but for the people of Israel.

Please, make sure we have a country to return to.

Mid Morning – November 20th

◾ISRAELI NEWSPAPER BLOOD LIBEL… Haaretz newspaper published an article that said “Hamas didn’t intend to slaughter the music festival (it was a spontaneous slaughter)” and, most important, “IDF helicopter firing at terrorists (who were slaughtering the festival attendees) hit some festival participants” – which Hamas immediately published across all Arab channels as “see – THE ISRAELIS SHOT THEMSELVES”. The article ->

Police spokespersons: The Israel Police clarifies that the initial investigation (used as the basis for the article) focused on the heroism of the officers at the site and the function of the Israel Police to stop the massacre committed by Hamas. Contrary to the article, the police investigation does not refer to the activity of the IDF forces and therefore includes no indication of harm to civilians as a result of (friendly fire via) aerial activity at the site. Precisely at this time, we call on the media to show responsibility in their publications and base themselves on official sources only.

(( In other words, THE NEWSPAPER ERRED and empowered enemy propaganda. Speculation: some ‘experts’ read a report that showed people with large caliber wounds and assumed that came from the helicopter, not seeing the captured weaponry from the terrorists that included heavy and anti-aircraft machine guns which they used to shoot through doors and walls. ))

◾ISRAEL PM SAYS… “The Palestinian (Authority) Foreign Ministry published a shocking announcement today – it denied that Hamas was the one who carried out the terrible massacre at the party in Ra’im, and blamed it on Israel. It is not enough that for 44 days Abu Mazen (PA president for life) refuses to condemn the terrible massacre, now his people deny this massacre and turn the blame on Israel. Holocaust denier Abu Mazen now also denies the Hamas-ISIS massacre. …the day after we eliminate Hamas, we will not allow whoever runs the civil administration in Gaza to deny terrorism, support terrorism, pay for terrorism, and educate their children for terrorism and the destruction of the State of Israel.”

RELATED… Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade (part of Fatah, meaning Palestinian Authority) admits being part of the Oct 7 massacre.

◾PA CALLED OUT… The Palestinian Authority deleted the post that accuses the Israel Defense Forces of killing the party participants and burning the homes of Otef Aza village (with the people in them) after a loud shouting conversation with senior officials of the American administration. (Amit Segal Ch. 12). (( Why do the Americans care? Because they can’t promote them as the ones to take over Gaza if they act crazy. ))

◾ISRAELI HACKER TEAM SHUTS DOWN LEBANON BEIRUT AIRPORT… “We Red Evils” Israeli hacking team claims to have disabled computer systems and thereby caused the cancellation of flights last night (for a few hours). They also released the passenger manifests, which they were able to extract.

◾ACTIVE BATTLES… in Gaza around the Indonesian hospital, per video from Al Jazeera. The IDF attacked the Kuwaiti school next to the hospital. The Kuwaiti school was used as an ammunition storage area and a small Hamas stronghold.

◾U.S. DIFFERENCES… The Wall Street Journal reports: Recent talks between Biden and Netanyahu have become more tense with the Biden administration’s failure so far to convince Netanyahu to agree to a humanitarian truce that could lead to the release of more prisoners.

◾WEIRD IDF REPORT… An officer with the rank of lieutenant colonel was dismissed from his post after he entered the fighting in Gaza without permission, and refused to leave. (Yisroel HaYom)

◾COLLEGE OPENS (without students at war), STUDENTS CONNECT FROM THE BATTLEFIELD… Ono Academic College, the Ono Academic Council decided in an unprecedented step to open the school year even though many students are in the reserves, unlike the other educational institutions that postponed the school year. During the first lesson of the school year that took place on Zoom, we connected from the battlefield and opened the camera as an act of protest to illustrate the dissonance that exists between those who are in the routine and those who are in an emergency.

◾ROCKETS from LEBANON… to Bar’am.
◾ROCKETS from GAZA… near Gaza villages.

WHEN THEY SAY IT OUT LOUD, BELIEVE THEM… Hamas Official Ghazi Hamad: “We Will Repeat The October 7 Attack, Time And Again, Until Israel Is Annihilated; We Are Victims – Everything We Do Is Justified.” (the initial horror videos)

Noon November 20th

◾MINISTRY SHUTDOWN… The Finance Ministry is recommending the shutdown of 6 Israeli government ministries to recover the budget to fund the war. They are Diaspora Affairs, Jerusalem Affairs, Heritage, Settlement and National Missions, Regional Cooperation, and Social Equality.  No decisions on this recommendation yet. In a related move, the Attorney General ruled that non-war-related coalition funds would be frozen.

◾HOSTAGE FAMILIES BEG KNESSET TO NOT ADVANCE DEATH PENALTY… for terrorists. Their representative said the life of hostages “is in the balance” with “a sword at their necks,” and pleaded with MK Ben Gvir and committee chairman MK Tzvika Fogel not to advance the sensitive legislation at this time. “If you recognize us, please remove this from the agenda; if you have a heart, please do not say we are representing the people who murdered our loved ones.” Fogel said, “I am hinting that Hamas is trying to exploit you, yes. And I’m not hinting at it, I’m saying it openly.” The hostage forum said “The discussion at this time endangers the lives of our loved ones, without promoting any public purpose.”

In reply, MK Limor Son Har was in tears during the debate saying: “20 years ago when my husband was murdered I didn’t shout enough. The head of the terrorist squad that killed so many stood in court and gave a speech: “You are a weak nation, we are strong. We will wait until all our prisoners are released.” And he was right, he was released in the Shalit deal together with Sinwar (the current head of Hamas in Gaza). So, I didn’t shout enough. The blood of the 1,200 murdered is on my hands.”

(Amit Segal, Ch. 12 comments) This law has no chance of moving forward without the government’s support. So what’s the point of this fight that only makes Sinwar (Hamas leader) happy? Coalition Chairman Ofir Katz: A bill on the death penalty for terrorists will not be put to a vote in the plenary session before discussion and approval by the security cabinet.

◾BIRANIT BASE (IDF, LEBANON BORDER)… The Biranit IDF base by the Lebanon border was targeted by 2 very large rockets this morning. Both missed but threw up huge plumes of smoke and started forest fires. The Lebanese channels were gleeful assuming mass destruction from the explosive plume.

IDF SAYS… IDF artillery struck in several locations in Lebanon. Several launches were then identified from Lebanon into Israeli territory in the areas of Arab al-Aramshe, Biranit, and Bar’am. No injuries were reported. As a result of the launches toward the area of Biranit, a fire broke out. IDF and Israel Fire and Rescue Services are at the scene.

◾NORWAY MEDIA – ISRAEL STARTED THE WAR… (by massacring itself?) Dagbladet is the Nordic nation’s third most circulated newspaper and, according to its report, Israel is the one that started the war. This bit of news is accompanied by many photos, documenting the hardships Palestinians inside Gaza face as they head south together with accusations from Gaza civilians reported by Hamas reporters working for the paper that Israel is shooting civilians on the safe passage route – another common Hamas trope. (Ynet) After much pressure, the article headline has been adjusted to add “in response to the terrorist attack on October 7”.

????WILL WE FORGET what was done to our brothers on October 7, and to our hostages after? THE MEMORY of the Holocaust is fading with the lives of those who saw it. WHO will speak for the murdered babies of October 7 if we refuse to see it? Do not turn away, do not ignore, do not go about your lives. We will witness, we will speak for the murdered.

Afternoon November 20th


◾HEZBOLLAH ATTACKS INCREASING… in the last two barrages, about 25 launches of anti-tank missiles and rockets were fired at Kiryat Shmona and Margaliot, as well as several drones. There is a hit with damage to one house in Margaliot, but no casualties.

◾ROCKETS from GAZA… Ashkelon, near Gaza towns (multiple times).

◾BIRANIT BASE (IDF, LEBANON BORDER)… Previous reports of rockets missing the base were inaccurate. A very large rocket struck the base destroying a series of storage buildings, per (unauthorized) video circulating. No reports of casualties.

◾IDF CAPTURES… Gaza City courthouse, Nahal brigade takes a nice picture there

◾WATER SAFETY PROBLEM – HAIFA… Following abnormal microbial results obtained as part of routine sampling
the Ministry of Health announces the need to boil water in the city of Haifa. Do not drink, cook, prepare food, prepare medicines, or brush your teeth with tap water in the city of Haifa. Water can be used for bathing and sanitation. The local water company is working on the problem. (Min. Of Health Spokesperson)

◾HOSTAGE POLITICS…. Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir:

“It turns out that the dangerous concept of trying to please Hamas’s Sinwar and his friends with silence and suitcases of cash, which collapsed before our eyes on the 7th of October, continues to lead the war cabinet now.

We have a great responsibility for the abductees and their families, and precisely because of this, this responsibility also includes responsibility for victims of future attacks and their families.

The late Corporal Noa Marciano was not murdered in Gaza because of a debate that took place in the Knesset, nor were all the murdered people in the massacre of the 7th of October. Hamas does need excuses to murder Jews.

Before the ground attack began, voices were calling to avoid entry into Gaza due to fear of harming the abductees. As the Prime Minister said, the attack increases the chance of freeing the abductees. Of course, it must be done with air strikes and minimizing risk to our fighters, but the principle is clear and the same for this case: advancing the legislation of the death sentence for terrorists only increases the pressure on Hamas, and increases the chance of a return of the hostages.

All our enemies that surround us are now looking at how Israel behaves against Hamas – we must show them that we are the ones who will bring this murderous terrorist organization to its knees and not the other way around.”

November 20, 18:00

???? Following the mass rocket barrage towards Tel Aviv and nearby cities there have been no unusual reports of injuries or direct hits – explosions reported.

Gaza Hamas terrorists take responsibility for the rocket attack on central Israel.

November 20, 20:30

◾THE MASSIVE BARRAGE… a short time ago was fired from southern Gaza, from Khan Yunis, an area that the IDF ground operation has not yet entered.


◾TWO HAMAS TERRORISTS CAPTURED IN NEGEV… In a joint operation by the Shin Bet and the undercover unit of the Border Guard, two terrorists who infiltrated Israel and participated in the 7th of Oct. massacre in October were captured about two weeks ago. The two were captured in the Negev region and taken for interrogation. Ch. 12 comments – Equally interesting is where they hid and whether they received supplies. The answer to the first question: in an abandoned house.

◾U.S. INVOLVEMENT… President Biden’s senior adviser, Amos Hochstein, arrived in Israel today (Monday) to discuss efforts to prevent a war on the northern border, senior Israeli and American officials said. In the American administration, there is a growing anxiety that the escalation on the northern border will deteriorate the crisis in Gaza into a regional war, which will require even greater American military involvement.

◾MK COLLAPSES DURING TV INTERVIEW DUE TO PTSD… MK Almog Cohen, Otzma Yehudit, collapsed in the TV studio and was taken by ambulance to the hospital during a Channel 12 interview. The sights of the hard battles, his close friends falling, the dozens of bodies lying in the streets, alongside the daily contact with the families of the dead – the women and children, and his kidnapped friends, brought an extreme reaction and as a result, he felt sick and needed medical treatment. The MK calls on everyone who needs help due to the situation to consult with professionals.

◾ORANIM COLLEGE, an Israeli college, accuses Israel of causing the massacre by claiming that it is legitimate to claim the Oct. 7 massacre is a result of the occupation and siege of Gaza. (( Israel has not occupied Gaza for almost 15 years, and Israel can’t siege Gaza because it doesn’t surround Gaza, Egypt on 1 side. )) Chairman of the National Union of Students: “It is unacceptable and outrageous that an academic institution for education in the State of Israel would try to equate the terrorist activities of Hamas and the IDF. To declare that a statement like “the IDF does not care about human life” is legitimate is far beyond crossing a red line! We will not allow the administrations and heads of academic institutions in the State of Israel to normalize such statements under the guise of “freedom of speech”.

Amid the war, the publishers of the text can be arrested for speech threatening the nation at a time of war.

November 20, 23:00

ISRAEL REALTIME — “Connecting the World to Israel in Realtime”

November 20, 23:00:

◼IDF spokesperson: IDF: Activity of the 504 Unit during the war is revealed – A senior official in the 504 Unit: “So far, we have apprehended over 300 terrorists from the terrorist organizations during the ground operation who were brought into Israeli territory for further interrogations. The information that emerges from the interrogations of the terrorists is very valuable, leading to the elimination of operatives and the preservation of the security of our forces.”

Attached are videos from the interrogations of apprehended terrorists on November 12, 2023:

Attached is an infographic regarding the activities of the unit:

◼IDF spokesperson: Over the last day, the IDF led by COGAT helped facilitate the safe evacuation of newborn Gazan babies from the pediatric ward of Shifa Hospital to receive essential medical treatment in Egypt.

The coordination of this vital mission was at the request of Egypt and the Director of the Shifa Hospital. The evacuation was carried out by UN teams with the assistance of IDF teams on the ground. Israeli incubators were provided to the Shifa hospital for the rescue efforts of the babies.

The IDF remains steadfast in its resolve to assist in the humanitarian efforts in Gaza and its commitment to upholding human dignity and providing aid in times of crisis.

Attached is a related video:

◼Joint IDF and ISA announcement: Ground operations in the Gaza Strip continue; the IDF and ISA killed three additional company commanders of the Hamas terrorist organization

Attached is a video of the strike on the terrorist cell and weapons depot:

Attached is a video of the IDF ground troops in the Gaza Strip:

Attached are photos of the IDF operations in the Gaza Strip:

Attached is a video of the IDF strikes in the Gaza Strip:

November 20, 23:01

ISRAEL REALTIME — “Connecting the World to Israel in Realtime”

November 20, 23:01:

◼Home Front Command guidelines following the security situation:

Due to the security situation, the Home Front Command determined the following guidelines as of Monday, November 20, 2023, at 18:00, until Wednesday, November 22, 2023, at 18:00:

For the detailed guidelines, go to:

◼IDF spokesperson: Please find attached the translated evening briefing of the IDF Spokesperson, RDML Daniel Hagari:

◼IDF spokesperson: In response to the launches from Lebanon toward Israel throughout the day, IDF fighter jets struck Hezbollah operational command centers and terrorist infrastructure. Additionally, earlier today, the IDF struck a terrorist cell in the area of Metula, northern Israel.

Following the sirens that sounded in northern Israel concerning a hostile aircraft infiltration earlier this afternoon, a launch was identified that fell in an open area in the Misgav Am area. Additionally, an interceptor was launched toward a suspicious target. No aircraft infiltration occurred.

Attached is a video of the strikes:

◼IDF spokesperson: Close-quarter battles with terrorists – soldiers of the 36th Division fighting to defeat Hamas’ ‘Zaytun’ Battalion; Commanding Officer of the 36th Division: “The soldiers operated in a complex war zone, exposed terrorists who were hiding in civilian areas and eliminated many terrorists”

Attached are a video from the finding of the weapons inside the mosque by the soldiers of the 188th Brigade and an explanation by the Commander of the 890th Battalion, LTC Yoni about the terrorist infrastructure:

Attached are photos of the weapons found in the mosque:

Attached is a video from the destruction of the command center of the commander of the Gaza City Brigade and the destruction of a terrorist cell that fired an RPG at the soldiers by the tanks of the 188th Brigade:

Attached is a video from the body cameras of soldiers from the Golani Reconnaissance Battalion:

Attached is a sync of the Deputy Commander of the Golani Brigade, LTC Ohad, regarding the brigade’s activities in the Zaytun area:

Attached is a video of the rocket shafts found by the Golani Brigade near a school in the Zaytun area:

Attached are photos of soldiers of the 36th Division in the Zaytun area:

Night November 20

ISRAEL REALTIME – “Connecting the World to Israel in Realtime”

Night – Nov 20

◾SOME IDF RESERVES RELEASED… The IDF spokesman confirmed that a part of the reserves have been released (not all roles continue to be needed at max capacity).

◾IRAQI MILITIA THREATENS U.S. NAVY IN PERSIAN GULF… “Let the Iraqi battle be in the air and at sea”. The Iraqi Al Najaba militia unveils “Flood 3”, with a self-propelled missile at a range of 500 km. Al Najaba threatens the US Navy.

◾IRON LASER INTERCEPTION… Ch. 14 reports the system was able to make a successful interception. Reports indicate that the laser successfully intercepted an incoming Hamas rocket in combat conditions over Israel.

◾ORANIM COLLEGE… (in Israel) has disavowed the earlier statement uploaded to their website accusing Israel of being the cause of the war, stating it was a mistake and does not represent the views of the college. Hmm.

◾THE TANK COMMANDER LETTER… appears to be by Itai Simon Tov, and here’s a link to a copy in Hebrew. Thanks to reader Nina for re-locating it for us! Hebrew link –

◾HOSTAGE FAMILIES MEET WAR CABINET… after quite a bit of drama (on who could go in and who couldn’t, and the capacity of the meeting location), the hostage families met with the war cabinet. The families of the abductees after the meeting: “The issue must not be normalized. We will have 236 Avra ​​Menigsto and Ron Arad, we call on the people to come out and demonstrate and help us.” …. and do what? Israel is not holding them! An impossible horrible situation with only terrible options – which is exactly the enemy’s goal!

◾MASSACRE TERRORISTS NOT BEING CHARGED WITH A DEATH PENALTY CRIME! (Kaan 11) legal affairs reporter Greenzeig published that the Hamas torturing murdering slaughtering horror terrorists who committed the massacre on October 7th are suspected of a series of articles but not of the article of genocide, which requires the death penalty. THEREFORE THEY ARE NOT SUBJECT TO THE DEATH PENALTY UNDER ISRAELI LAW. Hebrew link –

◾CHAREDI EMERGENCY DRAFT… 4th class of Charedi emergency volunteer draft finishes basic training. That’s 480, and another 2000 waiting for training capacity to get in.

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