Isreal Realtime November 19th

Updated November 19, 23:30

????WEATHER WARNING… VERY HEAVY rain across Israel today. Expect all areas that normally flood with heavy rain to do so, both desert roads, wadis, and cities with frequent flooding problems. Dear SOLDIERS, prepare for bad weather!

◾HOSTAGE NEGOTIATIONS… (( it is IMPOSSIBLE to know if ANYTHING being mentioned in public is true – “unnamed officials”, “anonymity”)) Suleiman Masveda (Kaan News): Hamas does not undertake to release all the children and their mothers, as part of the Qatari proposal that was forwarded to Israel. The heads of the security establishment refuse to accept Hamas’ proposal for the partial release of the children. A source briefed on the details told Kaan today that Netanyahu accepts the defense establishment’s position.

(Washington Post) Israel and Hamas are close to agreement on a U.S.-brokered deal that would free dozens of women and children held hostage in Gaza in exchange for a five-day pause in fighting, say “people familiar with the emerging terms.”

A detailed, six-page set of written terms would require all parties to the conflict to freeze combat operations for at least five days while an initial 50 or more hostages are released in smaller batches every 24 hours. It was not immediately clear how many of the 239 people believed to be in captivity in Gaza would be released under the deal. Overhead surveillance would monitor movement on the ground to police the pause. The stop in fighting is also intended to allow a significant increase in the amount of humanitarian assistance, including fuel, to enter the besieged enclave from Egypt.

“We’ve made some progress recently and have been working hard to advance this, but it remains a volatile situation,” an administration official said Saturday on condition of anonymity.

◾MURDERER BEING TREATED… Despite the instructions of the Ministry of Health to NOT treat the massacre perpetrators in Israeli hospitals (instead at prison medical facilities), on Thursday a terrorist who participated in the massacre on Oct. 7 was taken in at Beilinson Hospital.

◾THE TOLL… IDF announces the deaths of two soldiers during fighting in the northern Gaza Strip, bringing the death toll in the ground offensive against Hamas to 58.

◾HAMAS CLAIMS… IDF shooting at civilians used the humanitarian corridor. However, the video they provided shows It is an automatic shooting from a Kalashnikov rifle that is not used by the IDF and was carried out by terrorists of the terrorist organizations that control the Strip.

◾JUDEA & SAMARIA… (enemy reports) Security forces operated in the village of Yatta. Massive entry of Israeli forces into Jenin accompanied by air drones. IEDs were thrown, and a firefight ensued. Battles continue this morning. Firefight in Deheisha, Bethlehem. Firefight and arrests in Balata, Shechem. The IDF blew up the Martyrs’ Monument in the center of Balata and a fire broke out on the spot. Firefight in Kalkilya.

◾SYRIA ON ALERT… Syrian sources report that at the end of the week, the alert level was raised in all Syrian air defense units – vacations and departures of soldiers were canceled.

◾LETTER FROM A TANK COMMANDER IN GAZA… (there is no way to confirm the authenticity of this letter, but the message is strong)

Take a moment and read carefully. Commander of a unit currently deployed in Gaza.

Hamas is stronger than the left. It is also stronger than the right, and also Bibi & Ben Gvir. Our enemy is stronger than Israeli high-tech and the settlement enterprise. Tel Aviv’s beautiful soul has no chance against them, nor does the periphery.

But Hamas has no chance against Israel. When we are united and mobilized, they retreat into their tunnels and pray for a ceasefire.

This war has stuck me in a tank, sharing it with two comrades, between two “Shiny Sheens” one who served a year and one who served four, a Smotrich voter, and a Ben Gvir voter, and I seemingly have nothing in common with them. But the army’s melting pot poured us back into one unit, a tank crew. At some point, we adopted and started talking about everything. About the Haredim, about the Supreme Court, public transportation, core studies, even sexuality, everything.

And what did we discover? That we agree on about 90% of the issues. Let’s assume they are really nice and were agreeable, so about 80%.

Until about a month and a half ago, they were the enemy. We met on both sides of the fence, but Hamas reminded us that we are essentially on the same side.

Our politicians draw their strength from the division between us. They take the 10% – 20% disagreement between us and turn it into the main thing, because that’s what gives them a mandate to “represent” us, to fight in our name. They do it at the expense of our security, our welfare, our taxes, and our freedom (also our freedom to pray, by the way).

I see many people looking for ways to contribute to the war effort, Sending underwear, socks, cigarettes, and combat gear. Moroccan mothers who sent us fish and couscous for Shabbat, and kibbutz retirees who drove these pots across the country. Techies came to install 360-degree cameras on the tank, something the army is not quick and flexible enough to do on its own. And hilltop youth that the army refused to draft at all, came on Saturday, cut, sowed, and stitched so that we wouldn’t enter Gaza without protective covers shielding us from drones.

As far as I’m concerned, the most important contribution is for you to unite as a people, and work to come closer. Focus on the similarities and set aside a bit of difference. Invent frameworks that will connect us even outside the army. I know it’s complicated with issues of kosher and modesty and separation and no separation, but I trust you.

This is the most important thing, that we are together. Because we, the soldiers, from all our tribes, enter enemy territory and endanger our lives not for any government or politician, but for the people of Israel.

Please, make sure we have a country to return to.

◾ISRAELI WEBSITE HACK, CHANGE PASSWORDS…. The Israeli hacker group The Red Evils announces a long list of Israeli companies whose sites were hacked, leaking passwords. They STRONGLY recommend that you change passwords if you have an account at these sites and enable 2-factor authentication/two-step authentication if you haven’t already. (Pls. do not reply asking me how to do this for each site.)


Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
Ministry of Health
National Rights
Israel Securities Authority
Israel Innovation Authority
Israel Nature and Parks Authority
State Payment Gateway
National Archives
Eshkol Regional Council

Industrial Sector:

International Metalworking Companies (IMC)
Global Environmental Solutions (GES)
Smith Cooper
ZaGO Manufacturing
Phillip Morris
Scope Metal Group

Commercial Sector:

Home Center
Carter’s Oshkosh
ACE Online
Ikea Israel
Caesar Stone
Kal Gav
Toyota Israel
Lexus Israel
Auto Depot
Coca Cola Israel

◾PHISHING (fake email that asks for your data) WARNING… similar to the above, with leaked email addresses and knowing you have an account, attackers can send you a fake email for you to click and enter your data.

NEVER click on links in emails. NEVER enter your data, especially passwords or credit card info, unless you go directly to the site (not via a click in an email).

You may receive emails that look like they are from the government or a bank or from one of the companies above offering you to click to fix a problem, saying you have to re-enter your ID or password or credit card. DON’T CLICK IT. If unsure, go directly to the site (type in the site yourself) to check there.

November 19, 10:45

???? IDF Spokesman: A short while ago (08:31), approximately 10 mortar shell launches toward the area of Shlomi in northern Israel were identified. The launches fell in an open area. The IDF is responding with strikes toward the source of the launches in Lebanese territory.

In addition, a short while ago, IDF fighter jets struck Hezbollah terror infrastructure in Lebanon.

????Sirens sounded in the area surrounding the Gaza Strip in Kafr Aza, Nahal Oz , Sa’ad, Alumim (09:50)

????Sirens sounded in northern Israel in Manara and Margaliot (09:56).

????IDF spokesperson: Following the report regarding sirens that sounded in northern Israel, a suspicious aerial target that crossed from Lebanon was successfully intercepted by the IDF Aerial Defense Array (10:28).

The IDF is responding with fire toward Lebanon.

????Again Sirens sounded in northern Israel in Yir’on (10:29)

????Red Alert at Jish (Gush Halav) (10:32):

????Red Alert at Kerem Ben Zimra (10:33):

????Drone Alerts continue to sound in the upper Galilee (10:32)

????Red Alert at Merom HaGalil – Upper Galilee – Hatzor HaGlilit, Hatzor HaGlilit Industrial Zone (10:40)

November 19, 11:00

✍ Analysis: We all woke up this morning with conflicting news and wondering why is Israel fighting with white gloves and capitulating internationally, with justifications to the Israeli public.

Israel October 7: We won’t provide fuel to Gaza until all captives are released no matter what.

Israel November 18: We are providing fuel and will continue increasing fuel for humanitarian purposes to Gaza. What?!

Israel October 7: No cease-fire until ALL Captives are released to Israel.

Israel November 18: We are considering and in advance negotiations about the release of a few captives for a cease-fire. What?!

Israel October 7: Shifa Hospital is a Hamas terrorist Headquarters.

Israel November 18: After a week of IDF operations at Shifa Hospital, we are still working very hard on revealing the Hamas terrorists headquarters… The world is questioning our political and military intelligence; making a mockery of Israel’s political and military legitimacy. If we have it, just show it! Take off your white gloves and dig deeper, fast!

Regarding Israels North, Israel: We are going to show them, Hizbullah terrorists and switch from defensive to offensive… November 19, we see an increase in Hizbullah terrorist attacks daily on Israel North (especially this morning) and our usual defensive retaliation as noted in the previous post. Where is the offensive operation?!

Bottom line, the Israeli public is starting to question the Israeli political leadership. If they can backtrack on core principles they stated numerous times that we would not negotiate and don’t trust the media besides “us” and we will go offensively in the North of Israel. We are now capitulating and saying and doing exactly the opposite, what’s next?!

November 19, 12:00

ISRAEL REALTIME — “Connecting the World to Israel in Realtime”

November 19, 12:00:

IDF spokesperson: IDF soldiers of the Paratroopers Brigade, together with the Armored Corps, Engineering Corps, and the Israeli Air Force, operated in the Sheikh Ijlin and Rimal areas in order to identify and destroy Hamas infrastructure and assets. During the operations, the soldiers located approximately 35 tunnel shafts as well as a large number of weapons and eliminated terrorists.

Additionally, the soldiers operated in a Hamas military base belonging to the terrorist organization’s military intelligence unit. During the operation, IDF soldiers located ammunition depots and seven rocket launchers.

Embedded in the Rimal area are the residences of senior Hamas officials, who took control of the buildings in the area to conduct and direct terrorist activities. Military posts and Hamas infrastructure are also located in the area.

Attached to this post is footage from the operations of the Paratroopers Brigade in the Rimal area.

Attached is a sync of a commander in the Paratroopers Brigade, Major “R”, discussing weapons found in the area:

Attached are photos from the operations of the Paratroopers Brigade in the Rimal area:

November 19, 13:00

“Every Palestinian knows that Shifa hospital is full of them, but nobody can talk.

From the day they (Hamas) arrived we have endured catastrophe.”

Listen to the Gazans share what it’s like living under Hamas terrorists in their own voices:

November 19, 13:30

???? IDF spokesperson: Following the report regarding an infiltration of a hostile aircraft in northern Israel earlier today, interceptors were launched toward several suspicious aerial targets that crossed from Lebanon toward the area of the Upper Galilee in northern Israel. The incident has concluded.

In addition, a short while ago, several launches from Lebanon toward different areas in northern Israel were identified. No injuries were reported.

The IDF is striking the sources of the fire.

???? Again sirens sounded in northern Israel (13:18)

◼Hezbollah has claimed responsibility for at least seven attacks on Israeli army positions along the Lebanon border today.

November 19, 15:00

Video footage of the Northern Gaza beachfront with a lot of Israeli flags

????IDF spokesperson: A short while ago, two launches from Lebanon toward the area of Margaliot and Kfar Giladi in northern Israel were identified. In accordance with protocol, the launches were not intercepted. No injuries were reported.

⚡The IDF is striking the sources of the fire.

November 19, 15:30

Breaking report by Al-Saudi Arabia Network: News that the Houthi terrorists have hijacked the Israeli ship “Galaxy Leader”, with 22 crew members on board.

????HOUTHIS (YEMEN) THREATEN, POSSIBLY CAPTURE SHIP… The Houthis in Yemen are threatening again this morning that they will attack “all Israeli ships, which carry the Israeli flag or are owned by Israeli companies” (that pass in the Indian Ocean or into the Red Sea). FLASH: Report: The Houthis took control of an Israeli-owned ship in the Red Sea. As far as is known, there are no Israelis on the ship. The ship, the Galaxy Leader, is a car carrier sailing under the flag of the Bahamas, and was en route to a port in India – normally traveling between Egypt, Turkey, and India. The ship was moving at 17 knots through the Red Sea between Egypt and Saudi Arabia on the last automated report. However, “the spokesman for the military wing of the Houthis promised an “important statement” in the coming hours.”

◾FUEL AID… The expanded cabinet met last night… and approved fuel aid to Gaza! Ministers Ben Gavir, Smotrich, and Regev opposed, and Minister Sa’ar abstained.

◾HEZBOLLAH – LEBANON BATTLES… continue to grow. Israel bombed 11 different Hezbollah villages. Hezbollah attacked over 10 times. The pace of battle is GROWING hourly.

◾HOSTAGE DEAL… Qatar continues to release statements that the ‘deal is almost here’, ‘the gaps are very small’, and ‘it’s about to happen’.

◾DEPUTY KNESSET SPEAKER’S “X” SUSPENDED… for writing ‘don’t open Gaza, burn it to the ground’.

◾THE TOLL… 2 hero soldiers killed overnight.

◾HOW THE NEWS AFFECTS… Biden announced that he had ordered his government officials to examine ways to deny US visas to settlers who act violently against the Palestinian population in the West Bank. (( while the reverse is not true, and most of these stories are media manipulation ))

◾PRISON RIOT… Ohalei Kidur, Be’er Sheva, criminal prisoners started burning mattresses and clothes causing a prison emergency. Wardens and firefighters extinguished the fire, and those involved were dealt with disciplinary and additional criminal charges.

◾SAMARIA OVERNIGHT… Two brigade operations took place tonight at the same time – in Jenin and Shechem (Nablus). The operations lasted hours, during which the security forces uncovered explosives and located a large amount of ammunition. In addition, observation posts and a laboratory for making weapons were found. Dozens of suspects were arrested. More reports of firefights in Jenin today.

◾LEGAL TOUR… Let the world judge in his eyes: a delegation of senior legal officials arrived on a special tour in the south. Among the representatives: were senior prosecutors from Germany, the USA, France, Argentina, and Austria – countries whose citizens were murdered or kidnapped in the Hamas attack in the south. The prosecutors toured the kibbutzim, met with representatives of the families of the abducted and murdered, and watched a horror film.

◾EU SAYS… Joseph Borrell, the European Union’s foreign minister, emphasized that the UN Security Council’s recommendation for humanitarian ceasefires in Gaza must be implemented. (( but apparently freeing the babies does not have to be implemented. ))

◾VICTIM ID’s… 12-year-old girl’s body was successfully ID’d by DNA from Oct. 7 (and therefore is not a hostage). May Hashem avenge her blood and may the family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim.

◾PENTAGON CRITICIZES… Washington Post: The US Department of Defense is criticizing the Biden administration for the lack of a real response to the numerous attacks by the pro-Iranian militias against US military forces in Iraq and Syria. Pentagon officials expressed frustration with what they called an “incoherent strategy” against the Iranian proxies.

◾CRANE COLLAPSE! at a construction site in Glilot (north of Tel Aviv) due to heavy winds and rain, no injuries. Investigations started, and the site was closed.

November 19, 16:00

◼The IDF spokesperson confirmed and said that the hijacking of the shipping vessel in the Red Sea by the Iran-backed Houthis terrorists in Yemen is a “very serious incident on the global scale.”

It says the ship was sailing from Turkey to India with an international civilian crew, without any Israelis aboard.

“This is not an Israeli ship,” the IDF adds.

◼IDF radio reports: The hijacking of the ship by the Houthis terrorist: the ship is leased by an Israeli company, and there are no Israelis on board.

◼Al Mayadeen channel, from its sources: there are 52 people on board the Galaxy Leader. Their citizenship is now being checked by the “Yemen security forces”.

◼The ship Galaxy Leader sailed under the flag of the Bahamas. This does not mean that it is owned by the Bahamas (the flag is often selected for tax reasons). It is owned by RAY CAR CARRIERS.

In the past, the Iranians attacked “Israeli ships” that were defined as such due to a small percentage of ownership/management by Israeli businessmen.

November 19, 17:30

???? INTRUSION ALERT – METULLA AREA (Lebanon Border)… town gate closed, no entry or exit, take safety precautions, do NOT travel to Medulla.

???? HAMAS CLAIMS to have destroyed 6 IDF tanks (or armored personnel carriers) and killed the crews in Gaza. However, the video and pictures I viewed did not show a single vehicle kill but rather showed the anti-RPG system engaging and taking out the incoming fire. No way to know, and so far no confirmation by the IDF or reports from any independent or Israeli source. (Reported from enemy sources on the “Free World News” channel.)

???? MORE ON HIJACKED SHIP IN RED SEA… The IDF clarified that the ship hijacked by the Houthis was not an Israeli ship: “a very serious incident at the global level”. Apparently, this is the ship that was leased from a British company – partially owned by Rami Unger to a Japanese company. Any connection to Israel is purely coincidental. In the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen, it is reported that 52 people were arrested on the ship. The crew and those on board are currently under investigation and their nationalities are being checked by the Yemeni security services.

*Prime Minister’s Office: We strongly condemn the Iranian attack against an international ship. The ship, owned by a British company and operated by a Japanese company, was hijacked on Iranian whim by the Houthi militia in Yemen. On board, the ship are 25 crew members of different nationalities, including Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Filipinos, and Mexicans. No Israelis were present on the ship.

This is another act of Iranian terrorism that expresses a leap forward in Iran’s aggression against the citizens of the free world and creates international implications regarding the security of global shipping lanes.

????HOSTAGE DEAL… another source comments: “US Deputy National Security Adviser: The gaps in the negotiations surrounding the hostage deal have narrowed – but no agreement has yet been reached.”

◾GAZA BATTLES… Heavy exchanges of fire between our forces and Hamas terrorists, around the Baptist hospital]§ in Gaza.

◾EAST JERUSALEM – SHUAFAT… large security forces activity.

◾FATHER OF A MURDERED GIRL… Ehud Lapidot: father of Tiferet, who was murdered at a party in Ra’im: “My daughter was murdered because of the (Gilat) Shalit (hostage return) deal. If more terrorists are released you may be next in line. Terrorists must not be released!”

Incredible IDF footage of a Hamas terror tunnel being blown up in Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza.

November 19, 18:00

◼ Report of Hamas terrorist units in Gaza and Lebanon exploiting the heavy cloud cover to attack the IDF in many locations, including a new infiltration from southern Lebanon into the Shatula community opposite Aita a-Chaib a little while ago.

◼ Gazans report of residents who remain in Rimal and Zeytoun speak of constant underground explosions and shaking under their homes throughout the past week.

At the same time, some say they can hear voices claiming to be Hamas terrorists calling for help from the underground positions.

◼Hamas terrorists announced that their “suicide squads” have gone into action with an attack on Israeli troops at the Rantisi hospital (Video released by Hamas terrorists, not showing here as possible propaganda).

November 19, 19:00

ISRAEL REALTIME — “Connecting the World to Israel in Realtime”

November 19, 19:00:

◼ PMO Arab spokesperson: Important news will be published shortly, at 1900 this evening.

◼ Reports in Gaza of Firebelt strikes renewed in the area of the Indonesian hospital in Jabaliya a short while ago. It’s speculated that the IDF will further advance in the area.

◼Also reports of Intense clashes in Gaza, Zeytoun, and Sheikh Radwan continue as the IDF troops advance eastward. Shuhada junction sees intense battles.

◼ Last night, the IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi following an assessment at the Southern Command approved plans for the continuation of the ground offensive in the Gaza Strip, the military says.

Attached are photos from the assessment:

◼ The military spokesman of the Houthis officially confirmed a short time ago the seizure of the “Israeli ship” and emphasized that the Houthis will only take over Israeli-owned ships.

◼IDF announces the deaths of two soldiers during fighting in the northern Gaza Strip.

Cpt. (res.) Adir Portugal, 23, an officer of the Givati Infantry Brigade’s Shaked Battalion, from Mazkeret Batya.

Staff Sgt. Gal Mishaelof, 21, a soldier of the Givati Infantry Brigade’s Tzabar Battalion, from Modiin.

Attached is a link to the IDF website, where further updates on the fallen soldiers have been published:

November 19, 19:02

◼ IDF spokesperson: Based on IDF and ISA intelligence, IDF troops exposed a 55-meter-long terror tunnel 10 meters deep underneath the Shifa Hospital complex.

A deep staircase leads to the entrance of the tunnel shaft, which consists of various defense means including a blast-proof door and a firing hole. This type of door is used by the Hamas terrorist organization to block Israeli forces from entering the command centers and the underground assets belonging to Hamas.

The tunnel shaft was uncovered in the area of the hospital underneath a shed alongside a vehicle containing numerous weapons including RPGs, explosives, and Kalashnikov rifles.

IDF and ISA forces are continuing to uncover the route of the tunnel.

Attached to this post is video footage of the tunnel shaft.

The footage attached was filmed inside the tunnel and was recorded using two separate technological assets.

November 19, 19:03

◼ IDF spokesperson: Attached are the two separate clips of footage from each one.

One-shot footage of the entrance and movement in the terrorist tunnel, from asset 1:

Footage of the descent into the tunnel from the technological asset 2:

Attached are aerial photos of the Shifa Hospital complex near Hamas terrorist infrastructure locations found, including explosive devices in the physical therapy ward, an interrogation room in the cardiology ward, weapons and intelligence in the MRI center, and a tunnel shaft that was located near the Qatari Building of the hospital:

The findings clearly prove that numerous buildings in the hospital’s complex are used by Hamas as cover for terrorist infrastructure and activities. This is further evidence of the cynical manner Hamas uses the residents of the Gaza Strip as a human shield for their murderous terrorist activities.

Attached is footage from Thursday, November 16, 2023, of the vehicle in which numerous weapons were found:

November 19, 19:30

◼ IDF spokesperson: Over the last few days, IDF intelligence and ISA personnel have been operating together with IDF ground troops in the Gaza Strip. The troops conducted dozens of questionings in different areas in which ground activities were being conducted and apprehended over 100 terrorists for further questioning in Israel.

In addition, Nukhba terrorists were apprehended, as well as operatives responsible for rocket fire, explosives, sniper fire, and logistics, who disclosed the locations of underground tunnels, storage compounds, and weaponry. They disclosed operating methods used by the terrorist organization, as well as details regarding tunnel digging and the recruitment process.

The information gained from the interrogations of the terrorists serves the troops who are operating from the air and the ground in the Gaza Strip and is being used to receive precise and up-to-date intelligence from the field, which assists the ongoing combat efforts.

November 19, 20:00

◼The pre-scheduled War Affairs Cabinet meeting started earlier than planned tonight.

◼ Defense Minister Yoav Gallant in a briefing with reporters today comments on the fighting in northern Israel and attempts by Iran-backed proxies to carry out attacks from other arenas.

“Iran is the root of hostility and aggression against the State of Israel. The war is multifront, even though its intensity is focused on Gaza,” Gallant says.

“Since the beginning of the war, Hezbollah has fired more than 1,000 munitions at Israeli targets but suffers far more significant harm. We thwart [missile and rocket] squads and hit military assets and targets, Hezbollah pays a heavy price every day,” he says.

He says that in the West Bank, “there are many attempts to carry out terrorist attacks against Israelis that are thwarted every day by the IDF and the Shin Bet.”

“In recent days, the defense establishment has identified a growing trend of Iran working to intensify attacks by the militias against Israel through its proxies in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. We are following, and will know how to act at the appropriate time, place, and strength,” Gallant adds.

November 19, 21:00

◼IDF released for publication that 19-year-old Noa Martziano, the IDF soldier who was kidnapped by Hamas on October 7th, was executed inside the Shifa Hamas HQ by the Hamas terrorists.

IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari says Cpl. Noa Marciano, who was held hostage in a hideout apartment near Shifa Hospital, was killed by Hamas, and not an Israeli airstrike.

Citing a pathology report and intelligence information, he says Marciano was wounded by an IDF strike, and later taken to Shifa, where she was murdered.

“Noa was kidnapped to an apartment next to Shifa Hospital. During the IDF strikes in Gaza, a Hamas terrorist who was holding her was killed,” Hagari says.

“The pathology report states that Noa was injured by the strike, but not in a life-threatening way, and this is contrary to the lies published by Hamas according to which Noa was killed by IDF strikes,” he says.

“According to intelligence information, Noa was taken inside the walls of Shifa Hospital, where she was murdered by a Hamas terrorist,” he says.

Attached to this post is a video sync of the Commander of the 7th Brigade, Col Elad Tzuri, describing the operations of the soldiers who found the body of CPL Noa Marciano.

A few days ago, the bodies of the late Yehudit Weiss and the late CPL Noa Marciano, who were abducted on October 7th, were returned to Israel. Following ISA intelligence, IDF soldiers located the bodies of Noa and Yehudit in different buildings near the Shifa Hospital. 

The IDF and the ISA share in the grief of the bereaved families and will continue to accompany them at all times. The IDF will continue to act and take advantage of every opportunity to return the hostages and missing persons home.

November 19, 21:30

◼ Joint IDF and ISA announcement: New findings revealed by the IDF and the Israel Security Agency prove that the Shifa Hospital was used as terrorist infrastructure in which the Hamas terrorists took hostages on Saturday, October 7.

In the documentation exposed with the assistance of the ISA, Hamas terrorists can be seen on Saturday, October 7th, forcibly transporting hostages, a Nepalese civilian and a Thai civilian, who was kidnapped from Israeli territory. IDF vehicles stolen during the murderous massacre can also be seen inside the Shifa Hospital area.

These findings prove that the Hamas terrorist organization used the Shifa Hospital complex on the day of the massacre as terrorist infrastructure.

These findings add to previous evidence presented regarding Hamas’ use of the hospital area as infrastructure for its terrorist activities in a systematic and ongoing manner.

Attached is documentation from Shifa Hospital from the day of the kidnapping, October 7th, 2023, between the hours of 10:42 and 11:01 a.m. in which hostages abducted from Israeli territory are seen surrounded by armed Hamas terrorists. One of the hostages is injured and is being carried on a hospital bed and the other is walking. The hostages, a Nepalese civilian and a Thai civilian, in the documentation is known and information on the subject has been passed on to the relevant authorities. The documentation is attached:

Attached are photos of the hostages being moved inside the Shifa Hospital:

Attached are photos of IDF vehicles present in the area of the Shifa Hospital:

November 19, 23:30

◼ IDF Radio: A senior Israeli official confirmed that there is no agreement on a ceasefire tomorrow at 11 AM (as per rumors by Hamas to the Jordanian Alghad newspaper) – it’s fake news.

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