Isreal Realtime November 18th

Shavua Tov, wishing all a peaceful, safe, and successful week, our soldier’s safety and victory, a speedy and healthy return of our hostages, and a terrible week for our enemies.

????WEATHER WARNING… VERY HEAVY rains are expected starting early Sunday morning across Israel. Expect all areas that normally flood with heavy rain to do so, both desert roads, wadis, and cities with frequent flooding problems. Dear SOLDIERS, prepare for bad weather!

◾PALLYWOOD 3.0… Arab reports of a “new massacre” at the Fakhora school in Jabalia in the north of the Gaza Strip, where there are many dead as a result of an IDF attack on the site last night. Al Jazeera cites a report by one of the Palestinian journalists according to which there are about 200 dead. The video was somewhat ruined when the bodies rose from the dead to take a break, which was quickly blurred out—extremely large exaggeration in the numbers.

◾IDF GAZA PUSH… IDF radio, Doron Kadosh: The IDF is expanding the ground maneuver eastward towards the Zeytoun neighborhood and Jabalia. (( meaning they are pushing across northern Gaza from the west to the east ))

◾IDF CAPTURES AND DESTROYS PALESTINIAN ISLAMIC JIHAD WEAPONS DEPOT… A large cache of rockets and other weapons, and weapons production capacity, were destroyed.

◾ROCKETS from GAZA… over Shabbat, Ashkelon and surrounds, Lod / Ramla and surrounds, and near Gaza towns.

◾HEZBOLLAH – ISRAEL SKIRMISHES… INCREASE significantly over Shabbat. About 25 launches from Lebanon, anti-tank missiles and rockets, towards the Shumra, Shatula, Menara, and Kiryat Shmona areas, the IDF attacked the sources of the fire. In addition, a major bombing of an aluminum factory which was also a weapons factory, and a shoot down of an enemy drone entering Israel.

◾ANOTHER MURDERED HOSTAGE FOUND… (( This is slightly confusing, I’ve seen 3 different messages related to this, unclear )) (1) Hamas released another video of a hostage it murdered in Gaza, (2) IDF Spokesman: The body of an abductee was found at Shifa Hospital, (3) The BBC: The Tanzanian government has announced the death of Clemens Felix Matanga, one of two of its citizens taken hostage by Hamas on October 7. This one is up on BBC’s site ->

◾SEARCHING FOR MURDERED HOSTAGES… The director of the Gaza Ministry of Health told Al-Jazeera: The occupying forces opened mass graves and took about 130 bodies.

◾SHIFA HOSPITAL… IDF spokesman – Friday we located more underground infrastructure in Shifa.

◾BAHRAIN SAYS… Ruler of Bahrain What Hamas did on October 7th was a war crime and an atrocity and it is important to get all the Israeli abductees out of Gaza

◾ELON MUSK SAYS… “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be freed” constitutes a call for genocide, which will lead to suspension from the X Network (Twitter).

◾PARTIAL INTERNET OUTAGE IN IRAN, BY ISRAELI HACKERS… The Israeli hacking group The Red Evils, “attacked systems that provide internet in Iran, managed to disrupt their network and cause significant cyber damage to hundreds of their systems.”

◾LARGE QUANTITY OF MORTARS CAPTURED IN GAZA KINDERGARTEN… video shows a side room full of mortars and other military equipment. (Video not shown here.)

◾FULL CABINET ON FUEL… the full cabinet will convene on Wednesday in light of the harsh criticism of fuel transfer.

November 18, 18:30

◼IDF spokesperson: The Southern Command continues expanding its operational activities in additional neighborhoods in the area of the Gaza Strip and conducted operational activity in the areas of Zaytun and Jabalya in order to target terrorists and strike Hamas infrastructure.

Troops of the 36th Division are operating against Hamas’ “Zaytun” Battalion, one of Hamas’ main battalions, in the neighborhood of Zaytun in Gaza City. In parallel, additional troops are operating on the outskirts of Zaytun, including Sheikh Ijlin and Rimal, clearing the areas from terrorists and striking terror infrastructure.

Troops of the 162nd Division are operating on the outskirts of Jabalya. The area is the home of the command and control center of the Northern Gaza Brigade and where one of the most significant terror strongholds is located, in which four Hamas terrorist battalions are operating.

Engineering forces, infantry, and armored corps of the divisions, assisted by the IAF, are encountering terrorists who intentionally operate from within civilian areas, and attempt to attack the troops using anti-tank missiles and explosive devices.

During the encounters, numerous terrorists were killed and the troops struck a large number of terror infrastructures, including underground infrastructure and significant targets of the terrorist organization.

Attached to this post is a video of Golani Brigade troops in the Zaytun area encountering intense fighting with terrorists who launched RPGs toward them.

November 18, 19:00

◼Home Front Command guidelines following the security situation:

Due to the security situation, the Home Front Command determined the following guidelines as of Saturday, November 18, 2023, at 19:00, until Monday, November 20, 2023, at 18:00.

November 18, 20:00

◼ Gazan sources confirm the battle of Gaza City enters its next critical phase. Fire belt strikes along Al Hoja axis in Jabaliya at these moments as the Israeli forces start to advance deeper Southeast.

As can be seen in this video documentation from last night’s attacks in Northern Gaza, which were definitely unusual in their intensity.

◼ Reports of intense fighting with Hizbullah terrorists today, an increasing pattern over the past few days. In turn, the IDF has stepped up its retaliation in southern Lebanon throughout the day, today.

Reports that the Israeli fighter Jets were carrying out mock attacks in the Southern part of Beirut a short time ago.

In one of the reports, it was claimed that 2 Israeli Fighter Jets emerged from the Mediterranean Sea into the city of Sidon and broke the sound barrier.

November 18, 20:30

◼ Former Israeli PM Olmert: Khan Yunis is the real headquarters of Hamas. In Khan Yunis “They have the leadership, they are hiding, they have the bunkers, they have the command positions, they have the launching pads,” former PM Ehud Olmert said.

◼Israeli news are citing assessments by the IDF that chief terrorist, Sinwar and Deif, two of the most important Hamas terrorist targets, likely fled to Khan Younis. Not surprising.

◼According to former Israeli national security adviser Eyal Hulata it seems the hostage negotiations are stuck. He says that this means that Israel will need to increase the pressure on Hamas and probably expand the operation to Khan Younis.

◼Gaza sources: The prisoner talks are currently at a freeze due to Israels insistence to receive all of the children together with their mothers who are also captive Hamas has not agreed to this and there is a difference between 50 to 70 captives

◼National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir announced on Saturday evening that on Monday, the preparation for the first reading of the death penalty law for terrorists will be discussed in the National Security Committee.

◼Earlier today in Tel Aviv: hundreds of Israeli Jews and Arabs protested against the war, for a ceasefire, and for the release of the hostages. This is the first protest against the war, which was permitted by the Israeli police, following an appeal to the Supreme Court.

November 18, 21:00

???? BREAKING Reports of a “significant” battle in the vicinity of the Al Shifa complex between Hamas terrorists and the IDF. it’s been going on for the past half hour.

???? Please pray for our soldier’s safety and success ????

◼Most Gazan channels & groups who speak of the subject assert that Hamas terrorist leaders of Gaza, chief Yihye Sinwar and Hamas Chief Muhamad Dief relocated to their original hometown of Khan Younis and are likely sheltering beneath one of the area medical centers or other underground positions.

November 18, 21:30

◼Defense Minister Galant: In recent days we have moved to the second phase of the maneuver in the Gaza Strip. IDF forces are also maneuvering to the east. Hamas is severely beaten, losing headquarters and tunnels.

Khan Yunis will also feel the wrath of our power soon – the IDF will soon be felt in southern Gaza as well. 

Defense Minister Galant: For me, there is no difference between a terrorist with a Kalashnikov rifle and a Hamas terrorist with a 3-piece suit (i.e. Ismail Haniyeh and other terrorist leaders in suits)

◼ Prime Minister Netanyahu: I want to clarify against the background of unfounded rumors – until this moment there was no deal.

We continue forward with all our might.

They demanded of us not to enter the Gaza Strip, not to enter Gaza, not to enter Shifa, to agree to a full ceasefire. We refused all of these!

“Israel acts according to the laws of war – the IDF is the most moral army in the world.”

I will not allow anyone who educates his children to destroy Israel to enter Gaza after the fighting. Without a revolution in the civil administration in Gaza, it is a matter of time before Gaza returns to terrorism.

November 18, 22:00

◼ i24news: Netanyahu on allowing fuel into Gaza: ‘We are conducting a humanitarian effort because we can’t wage this war any differently. First of all, because the IDF is bound by the rules of warfare.’

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