Change in Kosher Certification: Crown Heights Beth Din Withdraws Endorsement from AgriStar

Here’s the breakdown of the letter:

Change in Kosher Certification Crown Heights Beth Din Withdraws Endorsement from AgriStar
Change in Kosher Certification Crown Heights Beth Din Withdraws Endorsement from AgriStar
  1. Date and Address: The letter is dated 26 Adar I, 5784 (which corresponds to March 6, 2024), and is from an address in Brooklyn, New York.
  2. Introduction: The letter expresses hope that it finds the reader well and states the Rabbinical duty to ensure the highest standards of kosher supervision both in the community and beyond.
  3. Issue at Hand: There are issues with the AgriStar plant’s compliance with kosher standards. Despite efforts to maintain proper kosher protocols, the management at the AgriStar plant has been resistant, and numerous adjustments to procedures have been necessary, particularly with the treatment of animals.
  4. Consequences of Non-Compliance: Due to the lack of support from AgriStar’s management and serious issues that were ignored, disputed, or delayed, Beth Din can no longer maintain kosher certification for AgriStar.
  5. Effect on Kosher Certification: Starting from the date of the letter, all AgriStar beef and poultry will no longer be under the supervision of Beth Din, meaning they won’t be certified as kosher.
  6. Continued Use of Pre-Decision Products: The letter states that consumers can still use AgriStar products produced before this decision was made.
  7. Other Kosher Products: The Beth Din assures that all other meat and poultry bearing the CH (Crown Heights) logo are still produced with high kosher standards.
  8. Search for Alternatives: The Vaad Hakashrus, the organization responsible for kosher certification, is looking for new sources to increase the supply of kosher meat and poultry in the market.
  9. Call to Action: Beth Din urges the community to insist on Kashrus’s highest standards and use CH (Crown Heights) products wherever possible.
  10. Closing and Signatures: The letter closes sincerely, signed by Harav Braun, a member of the Beth Din, and Harav Yosef Yeshaya Braun, another member of the Beth Din.

The letter communicates a significant change in the kosher certification status of products from AgriStar and stresses the importance of maintaining strict kosher standards within the community. It also seeks to reassure the community that they are working to ensure the availability of kosher products.

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