Isreal Realtime November 22nd

November 22, 12:00 AM:

◼PMO on PM Netanyahu: There is a lot of nonsense out there to the effect that after the pause to return our hostages, we will stop the war. Then let me make it clear: We are at war – and will continue the war. We will continue the war until we achieve all of our war aims: To eliminate Hamas, return all of our hostages and our missing, and ensure that there is no element in Gaza that threatens Israel.

⚠ Multiple rounds of Red Alerts in Northern Israel in the past half hour:

  • Unrecognized Aircraft at Hanita, Rosh HaNikra [23:37]: Confrontation Line – Hanita
  • Red Alert at Shlomi, Hanita [23:38]: Confrontation Line – Shlomi, Hanita
  • Red Alert at Bu’eine Nujeidat [21:29]: Center Galilee – Bu’eine Nujeidat
  • Unrecognized Aircraft at HaGalil HaElyon, Mevo’ot HaHermon [18:44]: Confrontation Line – Kibbutz Dan, Shear Yeshuv, Ghajar, Dafna, HaGoshrim, Snir

◼IDF spokesperson: I am sharing with you the translated evening briefing of the IDF Spokesperson, RDML Daniel Hagari:

November 22, 12:30 AM

◼IDF spokesperson: Following the alerts concerning hostile aerial infiltration into Israel near the community of Hanita, the “Iron Dome” Defense Array successfully intercepted the object. The incident is over; the interception triggered sirens in northern Israel.

An alert regarding a hostile aerial infiltration in Rosh HaNikra in northern Israel was a false identification.

Separately, several launches from Lebanese territory toward the area of Shushan in northern Israel were identified.

November 22, 08:0

◼Early this morning the Israeli government approved an agreement starting tomorrow, which will see Hamas terrorists release approximately 50 captives (women and children) in exchange for 4 days temporary humanitarian ceasefire. Every additional 10 hostages released will see another day of a humanitarian ceasefire. While not mentioned in the statement, it has been widely reported that Israel will also release approximately 150 convicted terrorists early from jails.

Regardless of the agreement, Israel still vows to eliminate Hamas and return all captives / missing from Gaza to their loved ones.

◼The US hopes that the Gaza temporary humanitarian ceasefire will also lead to a pause in fighting on the Lebanese border.

◼Israel’s Justice Ministry has released a list of convicted prisoners who are expected to be released as part of the deal with Hamas terrorists. The list has 300 names, though only 150 will be released in the first stage. None of them have been convicted of murder. Some were convicted of attempted murder and aggravated assault. Others were convicted of more minor offenses, such as contact with an outlawed group, setting off an explosive, stone throwing, and arson.

Link Here

◼Overnight and this morning, IDF strikes had continued throughout the Gaza Strip as well as heavy armed clashes in its northern part of Gaza.

◼At least 4 terrorists were eliminated in a UAV strike in Tulkarem overnight (Judea and Samaria).

◼IDF spokesperson: Captain Liron Snir, (Liron Snir), 25 years old, from Ofra, a team commander in the Golani Patrol, Golani Brigade, fell in battle in the north of the Gaza Strip.

Attached is a statement from the IDF spokesperson regarding the name of an IDF veteran whose family was notified:

Attached is a link to the IDF website, where further updates on the fallen soldiers have been published:

In addition, a fighter in the Givat patrol was seriously injured in the fighting in the northern Gaza Strip.

The fighter was referred for medical treatment and his family was informed.

November 22, 09:30

◼IDF spokesperson: The IDF is continuing to operate in the Gaza Strip, including striking terrorist infrastructure, eliminating terrorists, and locating weapons. In the past day, IDF troops directed aircraft to strike terrorist infrastructure from which fire was carried out at the forces. A number of terrorists were killed in the strike.

IDF ground troops also conducted targeted raids in Sheikh Za’id in northwest Jabalya. During the targeted raids, Hamas spotters were identified in the area and eliminated.

Furthermore, over the past few days, IDF troops conducted targeted raids in the area of Beit Hanoun. During the operation, the troops located numerous weapons, AK-47 rifles, axes, and ammunition stored inside a civilian residence. IDF troops also engaged in combat and eliminated a number of terrorist cells.

This morning, IDF troops neutralized a terror tunnel shaft from which a Hamas terrorist exited and fired at the soldiers. Moreover, IDF troops identified terrorists and located weapons in a structure used by the Hamas terrorist organization. The troops eliminated the terrorists and destroyed the structure.

In addition, over the past day, as part of the assistance to ground troops, Israeli Navy forces struck several Hamas military targets, including a structure from which sniper fire was carried out against the troops, as well as several military posts located along the coastline.

Attached to this post is a video of the IDF troops in the Gaza Strip.

Attached are photos of the IDF operations in the Gaza Strip:

Attached is a video of IDF strikes in the Gaza Strip:

???? HOSTAGE DEAL… APPROVED. Only Otzma Yehudit voted against it.

Within 24 hours the agreement will enter into force and the ceasefire will last for four days. 50 women and children under the age of 19 will be released (but not women who are soldiers). In return, 150 Palestinian women and children will be released from prisons in Israel.

. Hamas “children and boys” to be released… “up to age 19”. The VAST MAJORITY of the ‘children’ are men aged 18.
. No murderers to be released… attempted murder is ok to be released.
. The first person on the list: a male, age 18, creates a bomb and throws it at security forces.
. Elderly women to be released… first woman on the list, age 25, attempted murder. 2nd age 37, serious bodily harm, 3rd age 26, attempted murder.
. For one woman to be released for attempted murder, they explicitly stated they would attempt to murder a Jew again.
. A week and a half ago, a 16-year-old female terrorist tried to murder a mother with a knife in front of her children and seriously injured her. Per the agreement, she will be returned to Jerusalem to live right next door to the victim.
. The hostage release does NOT include all children or all women.
. The list to be released can be viewed here ->


Hamas forwards a list of at least 10 names of those released tomorrow.
Israel forwards the list of (30) terrorists to be released.

Around 6:30-7:00 in the morning: the IDF ceases fire according to the operational consideration.
Morning hours: the transfer of the hostages to us through the Red Cross.
Afternoon hours: After reception and identification, the release of the terrorists to their place of residence (Judea-Samara [West Bank], Gaza, and Jerusalem!).

One source wrote that Hezbollah will abide by the ceasefire, and Yemen as well. But I have seen no confirmation of these, nor are they parties to the agreement.

◾ROCKETS from GAZA… Sderot and surrounds, multiple rounds.
◾ROCKETS from LEBANON… Rosh HaNikra.

◾DEAL ISSUES… (Ch. 11 reporter) Some of the Hamas terrorists who carried out the Black Sabbath massacre were former security prisoners who were released from Israeli prison and returned to their homes in Gaza. After that, they returned to terrorism and participated in the massacre.

◾PM SAYS… “It’s a difficult decision, but the right one”. (( Because the approach has worked out so well in the past, see the item above. ))

◾DM Gallant SAYS… The release of hostages is first of all a moral and ethical issue, a commitment between the government and the citizens… Without the pressure and the continuation, there will be no chance to bring the remaining hostages home as well. At my request, the government’s decision included a statement that after we finish the ceasefire, the IDF operation will continue in full force.

◾REVIEWING THE RELEASE LIST… 4 who are considered “not particularly harmful” are ones who are attempted suicide bombers. One, 25-year-old woman from Jerusalem, attempted to stab 2 people – successfully stabbing one in an attempted murder. Another 29-year-old woman from Shechem (Nablus) operated a terror cell and planned shooting attacks on Jewish civilians. An older woman on the list, at 44, merely tried to stab a police officer on the Temple Mount just 2 months ago. Another built a propane-tank car bomb, injuring police at a checkpoint when it exploded. But no murderers are to be released.

Releases include terrorists who are Israeli residents or citizens, including from Nazareth, Jerusalem, and Um Al Faham.

◾THE GAMES BEGIN… The terrorist organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad, in a statement referring to the prisoner exchange deal: “No Israeli civilian prisoner in our hands will be released until the last of our prisoners is released from the Israeli prison.” According to the statements, at least 30 Israelis were kidnapped by PIJ.

One analyst writes, “From getting to know Hamas and especially (leader) Yahya Sanwar, in my estimation the first two or three days will go smoothly, then the twists and turns we have become accustomed to will begin.

◾TULKARM – JUDEA-SAMARIA… 6 terrorists were killed in security operations in this Arab city. Exchanges of fire including the activation of explosives by the terrorists. Reports of a drone strike.

November 22, Noon

◾ROCKETS from LEBANON… Rosh HaNikra, multiple rounds.

◾LYING STINKING MEDIA MANIPULATION… The headline “Israel names 300 Palestinian prisoners, mostly teens, who could be released…” – Times of Israel. EIGHTEEN, the vast majority are 18, the age at which we draft soldiers. 18! These are not “teens”!!! (ok, technically 18 and 19 have the word ‘teen’ in them.)

◾IDF ATTACKS GAZA… The IDF says it is continuing to operate in the Gaza Strip, with ground forces clashing with Hamas, and airstrikes being carried out against the terror group’s infrastructure, bombing in Khan Yunis and Rafah, south Gaza.

◾IDF ATTACKS LEBANON… airstrikes in the Tayr Harfa area.

◾GAZA GROUP CHANNEL MANAGER ELIMINATED… Gaza Now and Gaza Live are very popular group channels from out of Gaza. Their channel manager was eliminated in a Hamas site bombing last night.

◾BAR ILLAN UNIVERSITY TO RESERVISTS… “You will finish the academic year with everyone”.

◾SECURITY DRILL JERUSALEM… In the next two hours, an exercise will take place in the east and south of Jerusalem, to practice the readiness of the police and security forces. (( If you see security forces rushing around until 2 PM, it’s a drill! But if unsure, do not hesitate to call the police at 101. ))

◾U.S. ACTIVITY PICKING UP… U.S. bases attacked overnight, again, but the US bombed two bases of Hezbollah Iraq, in the Baghdad area, with reports of many dead and wounded.

November 22, Sundown

????CRUISE MISSILE from YEMEN… at Eilat – shot down by fighter jet!
????ROCKETS & MORTARS from LEBANON… Hanita, multiple rounds, Yaftach, Malkiya area.
????ROCKETS from GAZA… short range, Gaza area towns.

????CEASEFIRE… starts tomorrow at 10:00 AM, maybe (2 official sources say, and 1 official source says no time yet agreed). Hezbollah has stated they also will follow the ceasefire if Israel does – there is no such agreement. A source in Hezbollah told Al Jazeera: “Hezbollah will be committed to the ceasefire announced if Israel is. Any Israeli escalation in southern Lebanon or Gaza during the ceasefire – will be met with Hezbollah’s response”.

????DEAL DETAILS… Hamas says: As part of the deal, about 200-300 aid trucks will enter the Strip, including 8 fuel tankers. The aid will be distributed in the south of the Gaza Strip as well as in the north. They also added the recovery of the bodies from underneath the ruins of the buildings was a significant motive in reaching the agreement. (( We cynically add that recovery of access to underground armaments is needed. )) Prime Minister Netanyahu is expected to hold a press conference this evening where he will explain to the public the deal reached.

◾4TH DEAD HOSTAGE… Shani Gabai, hy”m, was identified from the bodies found at Shifa Hospital. Family and friends reported that her last contact was on the morning of the murderous massacre when she said she had been shot in the leg and had a tourniquet.

◾SYRIA REPORTS… (enemy official media) Site near Damascus was attacked by 2 missiles from Israel.

◾IDF ATTACKS LEBANON… The IDF says several rockets were fired from Lebanon at the northern communities of Netu’a, Zar’it, and Yiftah. All landed in open areas. Responding with artillery, and tanks shelled a Hezbollah observation post. (Enemy sources) IDF is attacking from the air in Khiam and in the Qlayaa area. (Shiite sources) an Israeli attack now in the area of Sayeda Zeinab (Iranian stronghold) in southern Damascus, hitting and destroying “a building”.

◾IDF RETURNS… bodies taken from Shifa hospital, after confirming that “only” 3 were Israeli hostage bodies.

◾TUNNEL COUNT… IDF spokesman: Ya’halom fighters have so far destroyed 400 tunnel shafts in the Gaza Strip. (( Want to know where all the reconstruction concrete went? ))

◾IRAQ YELLS AT THE U.S. FOR DEFENDING ITSELF… The Iraqi government: the American attacks within our territory constitute a clear violation of the mission of the American army in the country as part of the coalition against ISIS.

◼Watch: IDF soldiers in the terror tunnel complex at Shifa Hospital:

November 22, Night

????ROCKETS from SYRIA… A missile fired from Syrian army sites in the western region of Daraa was launched towards the Golan.
????HOUTHIS confirmed intercepted cruise missiles, and multiple, attacks against Eilat, Israel earlier this evening.

???? UNITED STATES – CAR BOMBING / RAMMING, U.S. BORDER BRIDGE… Canada – New York Niagara Bridge/border crossing. A car rammed the border crossing. Explosives were in the vehicle at the time and two people who were in the car are dead, sources told Fox News – other sources say no explosives, just the fuel tank exploding. Large fire at this time. A border officer was injured. The vehicle was driving from the U.S. to Canada and was attempting to drive toward the border office building, sources said. All bridges are closed in the area, and all government buildings are evacuated, according to the sources.  The situation is unclear – the FBI taking control of the situation. The US has raised its alert at all border crossings.

Social media channels provide the following UNVERIFIED info WITH VIDEO OF THE EXPLOSION: Car had Iranian college students, sources say 5. The video shows a car driving at extreme speed, with no attempt to slow down, a very large explosion would seem far beyond the capability of a simple car gas tank.

News reports announced car considered suspicious at the first checkpoint, and directed to secondary screening, where it sped up to maximum speed towards the security building – hit the fence or bollard in front of the building, and exploded.

????U.S. BASE IN NORTHERN IRAQ UNDER ATTACK… Al Harir base in northern Iraq under attack. The Islamic resistance in Iraq has announced that it will expand its attacks on US forces.

????RED CROSS SAYS… Contrary to Netanyahu’s words, the Red Cross says: they are not aware of an agreement that would allow them to visit hostages in Gaza.

????PARTIES FOR RELEASED ATTEMPTED MURDERERS… As soon as the Israeli hostages are transferred to the IDF forces and the signal is received from the political-security cabinet, all the Palestinian prisoners will be put on Red Cross buses and most of them will be scattered in Judea-Samaria and East Jerusalem (!!!). A senior police official says: “We will not allow any celebration for prisoners who arrive in East Jerusalem. If we see fireworks and parties – we will take a hard line”. (( But not in Judea/Samaria in Palestinian areas — expect to be watching fireworks and parties of the enemy NEXT TO JERUSALEM. ))

◾IDF ATTACKS LEBANON… significant attacks by the IDF in the last hour in Ayta ash-Shab, Marwahin, Ramiyeh, and Beit Lif. According to the report, the sounds of the explosions can be heard in most areas in southern Lebanon. IDF says it struck further Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon, as well as a cell preparing to launch rockets, and another cell that opened fire at troops on the border.

November 22, 23:30

◼PM Netanyahu orders Mossad to take action against Hamas leaders, wherever they are. Defense Minister, Gallant says Hamas chiefs living on borrowed time.

On that note, Israel will not target Hamas chiefs in Qatar as long as Qatari mediation is needed to release hostages. After that, anything is possible…

◼IDF spokesperson: I am sharing with you the translated evening briefing, along with the briefing in English of the IDF Spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari:

◼ Reported earlier today that the terrorist Rouhi Mushtaha, widely regarded as the top deputy to Hamas terrorist leader Yahya Sinwar, was killed in an airstrike on his underground hiding place in Gaza City, along with many other leaders in an airstrike last week.

◼Reported sentiments in Gaza regarding the ceasefire: Most seem not to care about the identities of the 300 prisoners being released by Israel and they view it mainly as efforts by Hamas terrorists to increase its popularity in the Judea and Samaria (West Bank) at the expense of the Ramallah Authority – the main sentiment in Gaza is the desperation for a pause in the fighting and nothing else.

◼The supposed reported ceasefire is to officially commence at 10:00 tomorrow morning, the 23rd of November.

November 22, 23:45

???? Gaza map update by War Mapper: The IDF has advanced deeper into the center of Gaza City from the Southwest.

The IDF has also advanced up to the Indonesian Hospital and the Northern edge of the Jabalya camp.

◼BREAKING: Israeli officials say there is a delay in the implementation of the captives deal. Israeli national security adviser says the hostages won’t be released before Friday.

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