November 25th

????MISSILE or SUICIDE DRONE ATTACK at EILAT… just now. 2 Arrow ballistic interceptors on video going out. No more info, no Eilat alarm (shot down over the sea?)

????INTERCEPTOR from LEBANON… this morning, shot down. Israeli air defenses intercepted a surface-to-air missile fired from Lebanon at an IDF drone. The missile did not enter Israeli airspace and the drone was not harmed.

????DRONE from LEBANON… this afternoon, shot down in Israeli airspace in the Galil.

????FRENCH OPERATED SHIP with a small percentage owned by ISRAELI HIT BY IRANIAN SUICIDE DRONE… the Malta-flagged cargo ship CMA CGM Symi was targeted by an Iranian Shahed-136 suicide drone while in international waters of the Indian Ocean, causing damage to the ship but not injuring any of its crew.

????ISRAELI CARGO SHIP CAPTURED… en route to China? “the forces of the Yemeni Navy have stopped the cargo ship Zim Luanda connected to Israel, which was sailing from Israel to China.” Recent report.

????DAY 2 HOSTAGE RELEASE DELAY… (N12) The reason for the delay in the beginning of the release of the abductees tonight: waiting for the completion of bringing the aid trucks into the Gaza Strip. Israeli official: The reason for the delay is technical and not material. Expecting that everything will go well. Al Jazeera says the handover to the Red Cross is in progress now (5:40 pm).

◾SOUTH LEBANESE RETURN… large traffic jams in South Lebanon as residents return during the ‘ceasefire’ from areas they fled due to the war.


.. Palestinian news agency Safa, from a “Hamas security source”: “7 Israeli aircraft are now in Rafah skies in violation of the agreement”. Another report says “Khan Yunis”.
.. Senior Hamas official Izat al-Rashak: Israel is trying to play with the names of the Palestinian prisoners and the criteria for their release. (After they released old women and NOT the babies???)
.. Enemy journalistic sources: So far no diesel has arrived in the northern Gaza Strip.

◾QATAR HAVE A CEASEFIRE PROBLEM? A report on the Saudi Al-Hadath channel: “There are concerns among Qatar about the conditions that Sinwar (Hamas leader in Gaza) is expected to present regarding the final phase of the cease-fire agreement. One of the members of the Qatari delegation entered Gaza, when the purpose of the visit was to pressure Sinwar to complete the cease-fire agreement.”

◾EXTEND THE CEASEFIRE? Qatar officials are also visiting Israel to discuss terms for extending the ceasefire. A report on the Egyptian Al-Cahra Al-Akhbariya channel: “Negotiations are underway to extend the cease-fire by a day or two, to release more hostages from Gaza and Palestinian prisoners. Egypt has received positive indications from all sides to extend”.

◾AFTER THE CEASEFIRE… IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi says the military will immediately return to striking in the Gaza Strip once the ceasefire with Hamas ends. Halevi, speaking to soldiers, says the ceasefire and hostage deal would not have happened without the IDF’s pressure on Hamas.

◾HAMAS MURDERS IT’S OWN… Two Palestinians suspected of collaborating with Israel were executed in Tulkarm camp last night, against the background of the high-quality assassinations carried out by the IDF in Tulkarm over the past few weeks.

◾WANTED TERRORISTS TURNING THEMSELVES IN… several wanted Arab terrorists in Judea-Samaria have turned themselves in, two today, to avoid potential firefights and death.

◾U.S. BASES in SYRIA & IRAQ… since the ceasefire came into effect, no attacks have been carried out against any American base in Syria or Iraq.

◾NEW FARM WORKERS.. The Population and Immigration Authority updates that this morning approximately 200 foreign workers from Malawi who came to work in the agricultural sector landed in Israel.

????3rd BALLISTIC MISSILE at EILAT… intercepted by Arrow ballistic interceptor. Possible 4th, reports of explosion over the city.

???? HOSTAGE RELEASES ON HOLD BY HAMAS… (various reports, with conflicting information, here is what we see)

????RE-NEGOTIATIONS — There have been feverish discussions throughout the last day in Israel because Hamas has raised difficulties. The issues have not yet been resolved, and Hamas has announced that Israel is violating the agreement.

????WHO? — In the release planned for tonight, 8 children are supposed to be released.

????HAMAS SAYS — The military wing of Hamas says: We have decided to postpone the release of the second wave of the abductees – until Israel “meets the terms of the agreement to bring humanitarian aid trucks into the northern Gaza Strip”.

????ISRAEL SAYS — Israeli officials confirm: the process of releasing the abductees has not yet begun.

????EGYPT SAYS — it will “solve the delay”.

????WHY? — Hamas is the one who is not complying with the agreement. The list passed is contrary to the agreed terms. And now the terrorists claim that Israel is not complying with the agreement. They have 8 children in Khan Yunis and they are not allowed to leave!

????ISRAEL SAYS… (this is UNOFFICIAL) Israel began to convey messages to the countries of the world: “We will return to attack at midnight if the abductees are not released today”. (This is Ch. 12 political reporter) This is clear psychological warfare. If at midnight there will not be in Israel the released hostages of the 2nd group, Israel should go back to attacking Gaza.

????PALESTINIAN PRISONERS CHARITY COMPLAINS… “Israel did not fulfill its commitment to release Palestinian prisoners according to seniority.” (( Seniority? Time in prison? Length of sentence? Severity of crime? Don’t know. ))

????ISRAEL RESPONDS…Hamas claims are rejected that Israel is not releasing terrorists as promised. An Israeli official said that according to the agreement Israel is the one who determines who will be released, just as Hamas determines who will be released by it, provided that those released meet the criteria. Israel also points out that humanitarian aid was transferred to northern Gaza, contrary to Hamas’ claim.

????RELEASED HOSTAGES SAY — In the last two weeks food ran out. On the way to the Rafah crossing, they threw stones at the (Red Cross) cars, they were afraid it would end in a lynching.

◾IDF FORCES MOVING INTO JENIN… per Ch. 14. Enemy reports say IDF forces surround the two hospitals in Jenin.

◾AWARTA, SAMARIA… terror attack at the checkpoint, our forces fired at terrorists, and a car caught on fire.

November 25 – Captives update 2:

ISRAEL REALTIME — “Connecting the World to Israel in Realtime”

November 25 – Captives update 2:

◼Another 14 Israeli captives are expected to be released tonight and Israel will then release 42 prisoners.

Israeli media reports that today’s batch of released hostages were delivered to the Red Cross and are on their way to the Rafiah crossing 

◼Hamas says it is delaying the release of the second group of Israeli hostages until Israel “adheres to the terms of the agreement.”

It claims Israel isn’t fulfilling its end of the agreement regarding the entry of aid trucks to northern Gaza and “agreed-upon standards for releasing prisoners.”

◼Israeli media reports that the Egyptians and Qataris were surprised and confused by the Hamas announcement and notified the Israeli side that they’re working on it, Israeli officials still believe that today’s batch of hostages will be released on time.

????  If the hostages are not released by midnight, Israel will return to fighting in Gaza!!!

◼IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi says the military will immediately return to striking in the Gaza Strip once the ceasefire with Hamas ends.

Halevi, speaking to soldiers, says the ceasefire would not have happened without the IDF’s pressure on Hamas.

“We do not intend, do not want, and are not ready to stop this effort before we return all the hostages… it is our moral duty to bring them back,” he says.

Halevi says the IDF will use the pause in fighting to “study, to better prepare our abilities and also to rest a little.”

“And we will return immediately at the end of the ceasefire to attacking Gaza, to maneuver in Gaza. We will do it to dismantle Hamas and also to create great pressure to return as quickly as possible and as many hostages as possible, down to the last of them,” he says.

“We must fight and also risk our lives so that [Israeli citizens] can return to live in safety, and we have hostages that we will do everything to bring them home,” Halevi adds.

Attached is footage on the subject:

Attached are photos on the subject:


????CEASEFIRE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT IF NO PROGRESS. (N12) Israel sent a message to Hamas: if the abductees are not released by midnight – the ceasefire will end – per Al Jazeera. (( Interestingly this is being reported by Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya Arab news networks as a statement by Israel made via Israel Channel 12, but was a commentary statement made by Israel’s political commentator for Channel 12 Amit Segal – no official source for such a statement as far as we can tell. Did Israel’s Channel 12 political commentator just set Israeli policy and threaten Hamas? And from the 2 items below – effectively? ))

????ISRAEL SAYS… A political source: “All the claims of Hamas as if Israel violated the agreement are lies. This is a propaganda attempt by Hamas. Israel has met all its obligations. Hamas is embarrassing the mediators – Egypt and Qatar.”

????HAMAS BACKING DOWN? A senior Hamas official, Osama Hamdan, said a few minutes ago to the Al-Arabia network: “The exchange steps (the release of the abductees and prisoners) will be completed after we receive the answers we requested from the mediators.”

????TO HAMAS’S CLAIMS, ISRAEL SAYS… Regarding the release of the terrorists: Israel claims that it did not undertake to release based on seniority, but rather a sort of statement that it might do so. Regarding the trucks to north Gaza: they passed the Rafah crossing -Israel is not responsible for their arrival to the north, but for allowing their entry. And it happened.

????MAGEN DOVID ODOM SAYS… the release procedure is not in sight at the moment: First, Hamas directs the Red Cross where to go to receive the Israeli hostages – and also transfers their details. Unlike yesterday, it has not yet been transferred to the meeting point. MDA has tried to contact the Red Cross, but they are not answering.

◾PALESTINIANS AWAITING PRISONER RELEASE SHOT IN FRONT OF PRISON… Riots by Palestinians in front of Ofer prison while waiting for the release of the Hamas prisoners. 3 were wounded by our forces’ live fire to disperse the rioters.

◾ISRAEL SOCIAL NEWS CHANNEL HACK-ATTACKED BY YEMEN HACKERS… One of Israel’s top Arab monitoring social news channels was attacked on Shabbat and partially hacked – with a channel bot taken over. Those operating Israeli channels on social media are advised to increase their security – make sure to activate 2-factor authentication and only use automated management tools such as channel bots if necessary. (The channel is back in service.)

◾ISRAEL HACKERS TAKE OUT IRANIAN HACKERS… WeRedEvils says “We managed to permanently disable the group of Iranian and Yemeni hackers “Tofan”. Those hackers stole sensitive details of tens of thousands of Israelis and were involved in the disclosure of information and business damage to more than 40 companies – and also harmed quite a few soldiers and sent threatening messages to hundreds of thousands of Israelis. We received a request from a special body to attack them and delete their data, and databases in the order of 50GB, and we succeeded in this task.”

November 25, 19:30

◼Gaza sources reports: At the heart of the new crisis is that a quarter of aid was meant to reach north Gaza areas.

Israel claims it has implemented and that Hamas terrorists are delayed in their information.

Now some claim since Hamas made the statement it cannot back down or risk appearing weak.

The statements by Osama Hamdan and the politburo abroad, which has always urged the fighting to continue, further add pressure on Hamas in Gaza to maintain its position and it does not appear to be coordinated directly with Gaza.

For their part, many Gazan residents are now panicking and cite these images (as seen in this post) of the aid trucks that arrived in northern Gaza earlier today with 60 in total which is the correct proportion as agreed.

◼On Thursday, an IDF spokesman had warned about Hamas using psychological terror tactics against Israel, the fact if it’s just that or a decision by the terrorists to end the ceasefire – we’ll only know at midnight.

◼IDF spokesperson: A short while ago, interceptors were launched toward two suspicious aerial targets in the area of the Red Sea. The incident has concluded.

We are looking into the possibility that it was a false identification.

No infiltration into Israeli territory was identified, and by protocol, no sirens were sounded.

◼Hamas terrorist Mohammed Hamadeh in Gaza which was tasked with “Jerusalem affairs” was eliminated in IDF strikes earlier before the ceasefire.

????CEASEFIRE – EGYPT SAYS… claim that the deal was closed and the abductees will go to Egypt by midnight through the Red Cross and by 1 am they will be in Israeli territory which is completely against Israel’s statement that they have until midnight or a return to fighting.

????CEASEFIRE – N12 REPORTERS… We saw the announcement from Hamas about the trucks that did not arrive. The Red Crescent confirms that the trucks arrived. Hamas embarrasses the Egyptians & Qataris. It is possible through the broadcast they will see that they have arrived. 143 trucks came in. Most of the trucks are things other than gas, cooking, and fuel, such as field hospitals. It seems that Hamas’s leader Sinwar doesn’t know about any of this.

????CEASEFIRE – Tremendous pressure on the mediators, led by Qatar, which even threatened Hamas.

????CEASEFIRE – MIDNIGHT? The significance of midnight is that the 2nd-day requirements will not have been met, and Ch. 12 notes the 3rd-day requirements, which include providing a list of hostages to be released in advance, have not been met either. However, NO OFFICIAL STATEMENT has been made on Israel’s response – it still is just a statement by a Ch. 12 political reporter!

◾ASHKELON SCHOOLS RETURN TO YELLOW STATUS – IN PERSON… Home Front Command says that Ashkelon is moving to a yellow level that allows educational activities near the protected area; meaning: face-to-face studies will be possible. Assuming the ceasefire doesn’t end overnight.

◾JENIN, SAMARIA (Arab City).. IDF forces surround the hospital. Firefight, 5 terrorists wounded so far. D9 dozer clearing roads to prevent bombings.

◾DEFENSE MINISTER VISITED GAZA. The minister entered the strip on a naval vessel together with the commander of the navy.

November 25, 20:30

◼Gaza sources reports: The Qataris are applying immense pressure on Hamas to resume the deal and it has been revealed they had indications already last night that Hamas intended to scuttle it; that’s why the Qatari deputy ambassador of Gaza affairs had arrived in Gaza to meet directly with Sinwar’s terrorist aids.

Another reason behind the mysterious and rare arrival of the Qatari business jet in Israel earlier today as they have already begun attempts to warn Israel.

◼A Gazan journalist, close to Hamas:
Great efforts are now being made by Egypt and Qatar to prevent the collapse of the ceasefire agreement.

◼PM Netanyahu is chairing an urgent situational assessment with the leaders of the security forces and the political echelon to discuss and plan a course of action regarding Hamas’s refusal to continue with the ceasefire deal under pretenses.

⚠ Heavy IDF aerial activity over central and southern Israel, not over Gaza itself, yet, but it’s excellently heard there. A clear message – mess around and find out again.

◼Defense Minister Yoav Gallant says Israeli forces will not leave the Gaza Strip until all of the hostages are returned to Israel, and any future negotiations with Hamas will be amid the fighting.

Gallant’s remarks were made as the minister toured the Gaza Strip this morning, meeting with commanders and soldiers. Gallant had entered the Strip via the sea with the head of the Navy, Vice Adm. David Sa’ar Salama.

“Our ability to bring the first group of hostages comes from the pressure exerted by the military. As soon as the military pressure is on, they want a break. When you increase the pressure, they want another break. When you increase even more, they are ready to come with an offer, and when you increase even more, and they are ready to come with an offer that can be accepted, that’s the whole method,” Gallant says.

“We cannot leave the operation and the war in Gaza until we reach a situation where we bring all the hostages [back], because we have many more,” he says.

Gallant says the ceasefire will be short. “Any further negotiations will be under fire. Meaning, if they want to continue discussing the next [deal], it will be while bombs fall and the forces are fighting, that’s the basis.”

Gallant’s office says he toured the northern Gaza coast and was briefed by commanders on the forces’ operations during the fighting and their security during the ceasefire.

November 25 – Captives update 1

◼ Friday night (Yesterday) 13 Israeli captives were released from Hamas captivity: Margalit Moses, Adina Moshe, Danielle Aloni and her daughter Emilia, Doron Asher and her daughters Raz and Aviv, Hanna Katzir, Keren Munder and her son Ohad, Ruti Munder, Yaffa Adar, and Hannah Perry.

A total of 13 Israelis, 10 Thais, and one Filipino were released last night. A total of 24.

◼Happy birthday, Hannah!  A week ago, the Islamic Jihad terrorist announced that 76-year-old Hannah Katzir had died in captivity a few days after she was photographed begging for her release.

Thank God, she returned when she was on her feet, and today is the 13th, (Jewish calendar) Hana’s 77th birthday.

This is an excellent example of why it is forbidden to publish the psychological warfare messages of Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists.

◼IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari says the released hostages, 13 Israelis, and 11 foreigners, have all undergone initial medical tests and are in good condition.

They have been taken to the Hatzerim airbase to complete physical and mental checkups and call their families. The foreigners, from Thailand and the Philippines, meet representatives of their nations, Hagari says.

They then were taken by Israeli Air Force helicopters to hospitals, where they met their relatives for the first time in 49 days.

“We must not forget that every one of those returning home still has a family member or relative who was murdered or is in captivity in Gaza. It is a great sadness mixed with joy and excitement,” he says.

November 25, 21:00

⚠ Gazan sources report: The Egyptians claim they have succeeded in pressuring Hamas to move ahead in allowing the second prisoner release to get the ceasefire restored and Israel confirmed. The next round of captives accordingly is expected this evening.

It is revealed that the Egyptians and Qataris issued unspecified threats to Hamas on top of the Israeli warning that the war would resume if the second round of captives were not transferred.

Hamas terrorists officially confirm that they have “answered the Qatari requests” and agreed to carry on with the exchange: 13 Israelis and 7 foreigners to be released from Gaza ‘tonight’.

November 25, 23:00

ISRAEL REALTIME — “Connecting the World to Israel in Realtime”

November 25, 23:00:

◼Hamas terrorists announce that it has handed over 20 captives, 13 Israelis and 7 foreigners, to the Red Cross.

▶ For a live broadcast from the Rafah crossing – click here (only via telegram):

◼IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari says there is “significant progress” in the efforts to release the hostages from the Gaza Strip tonight, following delays by Hamas.

“The effort to return the hostages is our moral and ethical duty. We are determined to realize this in any way,” Hagari says in an evening press conference.

“The effort tonight is progressing and we will inform the families and the public when things happen. Patience is required,” he says.

“There is significant progress,” he adds.

Hagari says “Nothing is final until it actually happens,” as Israel is indirectly negotiating with an “evil terror group.”

“We will return the hostages in any way, through the deal, or through the next stages of the war,” he says in response to a question. “If the agreement is not fulfilled, we will return to fight.”

????IDF spokesperson: An Air Force fighter jet successfully intercepted a short time ago an unmanned aircraft that was on its way to Israeli territory, in the Red Sea area. The threat did not penetrate the territory of Israel.

November 25, 23:30

◼IDF spokesperson: Red Cross representatives have just transferred the hostages to Egypt.

According to the information that was received by the IDF, 17 hostages were released, including 13 Israeli hostages and 4 Thai hostages.

The released hostages’ convoy is currently making its way through Egypt to the meeting point at Kerem Shalom.

Security representatives will verify the list at the meeting point with the released hostages.

The families of the hostages are being updated by IDF representatives with the latest available information.

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