November 24, 00:30

⚠ With the intended ceasefire shortly, there is a strong possibility of a large missile offensive against Israel before the supposed ceasefire goes into effect, reported around 7 AM. Please be safe and vigilant ????

November 24, 07:30

◼The temporary humanitarian ceasefire between Israel and Hamas terrorists has commenced. The first round of captives is expected to be released from the Gaza Strip later today.

Thankfully unlike previous ceasefires, we did not see massive rocket attacks at the last moments as originally anticipated, which clearly indicates Hamas’s terrorist rocket capabilities have been severely damaged.

Since 7 AM Rocket sirens have sounded in the Gaza border communities of Kissufim and Ein Hashlosha, 15 minutes into the humanitarian ceasefire, a common practice.

Israel will have to decide if to retaliate or ignore and continue with the humanitarian “ceasefire” in Gaza. 1 rocket was fired and shot down by the Iron Dome.

◼The Hizbullah terrorists are alleging that they will “adhere to the ceasefire” in Gaza, but will retaliate if Israeli breaks it “in Lebanon or Gaza”
It is important to point out that Hizbullah is or was not in any way a part of the temporary humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza and their statements are purely of their own volition, Israel did not make any promises to anyone to ceasefire in Lebanon.

◼Overnight and this morning, IDF strikes had continued throughout the Gaza Strip as well as heavy armed clashes in its northern part.

◼Overnight there were reports of ATGMs and mortar shell launches from Lebanon along the border, as well as IDF artillery fire and air strikes in Southern Lebanon.

November 24, 08:00

◼ WATCH: Hamas terrorists who are coming out of a tunnel in the Gaza Strip surrender to IDF troops after throwing down their guns.

November 24, 08:15

◼ IDF spokesperson: The IDF has completed its operational preparations according to the combat lines of the “pause” (humanitarian ceasefire).

Earlier today, IDF troops destroyed a route of underground tunnels and a number of tunnel shafts in the area of the Shifa Hospital.

Over the last day and night, IDF troops on the ground, in the air, and at sea continued to strike terror targets, operate in different areas to locate suspicious structures, and engage with terrorists. In addition, the forces struck a terror tunnel route, which was identified over the past few days.

November 24, 08:30

◼ This morning at 07:00 the humanitarian “Ceasefire” went into effect in the Gaza Strip.

The Gazans report that the Israeli aircraft “disappeared” from the skies of the southern Gaza Strip exactly at the designated time after a night of extensive attacks in the northern and southern Gaza Strip.

According to the Gazan journalist Yosef Fars, this was one of the most difficult nights in terms of attacks that the residents of the northern Gaza Strip have known since the beginning of the war due to the scope and intensity of the attacks.

About a quarter of an hour after the humanitarian ceasefire came into effect, its first violation was recorded: a red alert warning was activated due to rocket fire from Gaza.

The Egyptian authorities report that with the entry into force of the humanitarian ceasefire, they began introducing the daily aid to the Gaza Strip that was agreed upon through the Rafah crossing:

  • 200 relief trucks
  • 4 diesel tanks (130 thousand liters)
  • 4 cooking gas tanks

????GAZA CEASEFIRE IN EFFECT…. immediately followed 15 minutes later by rockets near Gaza towns.

????THIS IS NOT A ‘global ceasefire’. Although Hezbollah says it will cease, there is no such agreement. Nor one with Iranian forces in Syria, nor with the Houthis / Yemen. It appears that Israel did stop firing artillery at Lebanon at 7:00 (per enemy sources), the time of the deal with Hamas, and so far Hezbollah has not fired.

????UNEXPECTED PROBLEM FOR ISRAEL… Gazans who evacuated are being encouraged by Hamas to return to their homes in the north – in the midst of IDF forces on site who, due to the ceasefire, won’t be able to shoot. Message from IDF Spokesman in Arabic: “The war is not over… it would be best if you did not move north. Movement is dangerous and prohibited.” Arab journalists say there will be a push after their Friday prayers. VIDEO shows Gaza civilians already moving north.

According to enemy reports, IDF soldiers fired warning shots this morning at residents who wanted to return to their homes in the Rantisi hospital area. It will be difficult for the soldiers to distinguish who is a civilian and who is an operative in civilian clothes, presenting a real challenge. Convoys of Gazans are making their way back to the north of the Gaza Strip per videos.

Enemy journalists report many attempts, but none of the residents have been able to return to the north. Reports of IDF soldiers shooting at residents trying to return to Beit Hanoun in the north of Gaza – the “residents” are “testing the boundaries of the sector, approaching different areas, with the IDF soldiers enforcing and demarcating prohibited areas with warning shots.

????AID TRUCKS… The IDF spokesman also informed that aid trucks will not be allowed to go north without coordination with Israel. (Or what???)

◾THE CHALLENGE… Eliyahu Dahan, interviewed on hearing that the terrorist who stabbed and seriously injured him will be freed in the deal with Hamas turns to the Prime Minister: “The state must do everything to return the kidnapped, but there is a sacred duty to maintain the security of Israel – the deal puts the lives of soldiers and civilians at risk.”

◾THAI HOSTAGES… Tomorrow there is a fascinating press conference of the Thai Foreign Ministry at 06:40. At the same time, the Iranian deputy foreign minister is in Bangkok. There may be a separate agreement to release the hostage Thai farm workers from Israel. Report in the Guardian: Hamas will release 23 Thai hostages without any conditions after talks mediated by Iran. Their release will be done regardless of the deal in Israel.

◾SHECHEM (Nablus) – SAMARIA… IDF forces had a firefight, arrested 2, and blew up 2 cars containing explosives in the Al-Tut neighborhood. In the Nusirat camp, an apartment was bombed from the air, the enemy reported 3 deaths, and injuries were reported at the scene.

◾U.S. BASES in SYRIA… under attack, again.

◾ELON MUSK? Elon Musk is expected to arrive in Israel next week and visit the Gaza Strip. The richest man in the world will meet with President Herzog and Prime Minister Netanyahu. (N12)

Wife’s Heartbreaking Prayer for the Safe Return of her Husband, Father for their 2 Children

November 24, 13:00

IDF spokesperson: Over the past day, the IDF completed preparations for receiving the hostages released from captivity in the Gaza Strip upon their return to Israel. The IDF, in coordination with government ministries and security authorities, has prepared to quickly receive the released hostages and give them all the necessary support.

As part of the preparations, the IDF has readied several locations dedicated to the initial reception of the released hostages, including necessary medical provisions and support. After the initial reception and medical treatment, the released hostages will continue to hospitals, where they will be reunited with their families.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit requests patience and sensitivity from the public and the media. We ask everyone to respect the privacy of the released hostages and their families.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit asks that the public refer to official updates and announcements only, and refrain from enabling the weaponization of psychological terror by Hamas terrorist organizations.

Attached are photos on the subject:

❗REQUIRED! You MUST due to Pikuach Nefesh have a way to hear or see alerts on Shabbat! Here’s how…

SILENT CHANNELS – Radio & TV stations go “silent broadcast” for Shabbat, ONLY announcements of alerts. No TV or Radio? STREAM IT on a phone or computer.

➡ SILENT TV – Channel 14 – stream (doesn’t work with adblocker)
• Kol Chai radio – on radio 92.8, 93 and 102.5. – stream
• Kol Barama Radio – on radio 92.1, 104.3, 105.7 and 107.6. – stream
• Galei Israel – on radio 89.3, 94 and 106.5. –

➡ ON COMPUTER – leave a computer open to – alerts will display and sound on the screen. Turn OFF the screen saver, sleep, and hibernate so the computer doesn’t turn off.

➡ VIA APP – leave on the phone with a red alert app. Set the app to YOUR area so it only alerts for your area. We suggest Tzofar Red Alert or Homefront Command – available in the Play Store and App Store. If an alert goes off for your area CLICK THE PHONE TO VERIFY ALERT TYPE – to see if infiltration! Yes, on Shabbat – this is Pikuach Nefesh!

⁉ ENGLISH SILENT CHANNEL – is there a silent channel in English? NO. But you can use Pikud HaOref ON SCREEN in English, see the “ON COMPUTER” option above.

⚠MAMAD LIGHTS ON… it is a good idea to leave the lights on, so if there is an alert you don’t have to turn them on, on Shabbat.
⚠TAKE A PHONE WITH YOU when sheltering. If you must call for help, you must have a way to do so quickly.

It is a mitzvah to take actions to protect save and preserve life on Shabbat, not a violation. But ONLY actions that do so.

◾Enemy TV channel: 13 Israeli women and children left the hospital in Khan Yunis.

◾Hamas claims that Egypt is preparing to receive the abductees and the abducted children at the Rafah crossing in a few minutes

◾ISRAEL REFUSES MEDIA REQUESTS… to enter Gaza unescorted during the ceasefire. Interestingly, so did Egypt for them to come in through Rafah.

◾THAILAND SAYS… The Prime Minister of Thailand on social media: “We have received confirmation that the 12 Thai workers have been released from captivity in Gaza.” This is not a deal related to the release of the kidnapped Israelis.

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