Kosher Alert: Yaki Sushi Nori Unauthorized Use Of Star-K Kosher Symbol

Brand: Shin Gold
Product: Roasted Nori
Issue: Unauthorized Use Of Star-K Kosher Symbol

List Of Star-K Supervised and Kosher Nori Brands

Foodex, Sushiko, Ozawa Canada, Sushi Metzuyan, Sweet City and Takaokaya
What can possibly be unkosher about seaweed, you ask?
It is common for Sea horses to give birth in or next to seaweed, a safe place for them to hang out and enjoy a snack. Well, safe up until they get eaten unintentionally as a side dish by seaweed-eating swimming animals, including crab, shrimp, turtle, puff fish, starfish, betta fish, krill, lobster, and eel.
If these animals don’t get to it first, we humans will eventually pick and process it for consumption.

Health Benefits Of Eating Sea Weed

  • Iodine and tyrosine are present, supporting thyroid function
  • Excellent Source of Minerals and Vitamins
  • Has a Variety of Antioxidants That Are Protective
  • Offers Fibrous and Polysaccharide Components That May Support Gut Health
Seaweed being harvested in Indonesia
Seaweed growing naturally at sea
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