Kosher Alert: Stone House Bread Unauthorized Use Of OU Kosher Symbol

Brand: Stone House
Product: Multiple Varieties of bread
Issue: Unauthorized Use Of OU Kosher Symbol

About Stone House Bread

Our story began in a small stone house surrounded by trees on the shores of Lake Michigan. So the founders fell in love with creating artisanal bread that recalled the delicious freshly baked bread commonly found in French bakeries. Their recipe relied on ancient fermentations and wild yeasts made from a slow-rising dough that brings out the best flavor and texture.
We opened our bakery in 1995 and handcrafted 900 loaves of bread daily. As more and more people discovered its excellent selection of fragrances, the need for expansion was inevitable. Our founder passed on his traditions, recipes, and methods to an energetic young businesswoman named Tony Spearing.

In 2011, the team relocated to his 15,000-square-foot bakery in Traverse City, Michigan, where he continues to make quality artisan bread.

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