Kosher Alert: Unauthorized Use Of The OU Symbol On Pura Vida Vegetable Melange

Company: Pura Vida
Product: Vegetable Melange
Issue: Unauthorized Use of the OU Kosher Symbol

About Pura Vida

Frum Pura website
We set out to revolutionize food by rethinking how it is produced. Food, by definition, contains nutrients and energy for the body. We began by asking fundamental questions such as, “How do real foods contribute to a healthy body and life?” … what foods and ingredients contribute to a sick body or poor health? “How can real food heal the body and improve one’s life?” Every food company, chef, and food creator should ask simple questions. So, at PuraVida, we create foods that nourish the body by using ingredients that are easy to pronounce and are high in nutrients and natural vitamins. We believe in enjoying food the same way we want life to the fullest.

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