November 27, 07:30

◼IDF Spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari on the release of captives from Hamas captivity in Gaza.

◼Please find attached the translated evening briefing from yesterday, by the IDF Spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari :

◼Israeli media reports that the list of the 4th release batch of captives was received, 11 captives overall, and families have not been updated as of now.

◼It remains unclear if the humanitarian ceasefire and captive releases will continue after today – Israel agreed to an additional day’s ceasefire for every additional 10 Israelis released.

????HOSTAGE IN SEVERE CONDITION… Returned hostage Alma Avraham, 84 years old, is in severe condition (per the hospital) and was provided no medical treatment while a hostage. She is at risk of life. NOTE even given her condition she was not released, nor released on day 1 or day 2. The enemy’s lack of humanity is demonstrated daily in big and small ways.

????HAMAS GAMES (6)… Prime Minister’s Office on behalf of the person in charge of abductees and missing persons: Discussions are underway on a list that was received during the night and is currently being reviewed in Israel. (Amit Segal) In short – either there are not eight children as promised, or their mothers are not there as promised.

????CEASEFIRE EXTENSION? Netanyahu signals that he is ready to extend the ceasefire beyond tomorrow but emphasizes that only by what was agreed upon – 10 hostages for each day of extension.

◾ATTEMPTED CAR JACKING – SHILAT INTERSECTION… Police are conducting searches in the area of ​​the Shilot intersection following a report of a suspicious person who tried to open a car door and fled the scene. Infiltration concern. (Area – Route 443 between Modi’in and Modi’in Illit)

◾US NAVY FREES HOUTHI HIJACKED SHIP… (Fox News) American destroyer USS Mason responded to the distress call of the cargo ship “Central Park” managed by the “Zodiac” company owned by the Israeli businessman Eyal Ofer. Yemen Houthis boarded the ship, but the crew locked themselves in the various rooms and were not harmed. At the same time, an American force stopped the attackers (5 in number) and took them captive.

US Central Command announced that two ballistic missiles were fired by the Houthis in Yemen towards the US Navy ship USS Mason overnight. Both missiles fell in the sea and there were no damage or casualties. (Houthis of Yemen directly attacked the U.S. Navy.). Houthi official threatens that they will soon arrive in Israel and also turn the White House black. Meanwhile, the U.S. stopped the global food aid program for Yemen.

The U.S. moved its aircraft carrier Eisenhower through the Strait of Hormuz into the Arabian Gulf.

◾US BASE IRAQ ATTACKED OVERNIGHT… The US military base at Harir Airport in northern Iraq was attacked overnight.

◾JUDEA – JERICHO… Security forces operated in Aqbat Jaber, per enemy sources. Firefight in Jabba.
◾JUDEA – HEBRON… Security forces arrested wanted terrorists, per enemy sources. Operating in Bnei Naim.
◾SAMARIA – RAMALLAH AREA… Security forces operated in Nima, Jalzon, and large numbers in Was Karkar, per enemy sources. Wanted terrorist arrested in Beitunya.
◾SAMARIA – SHECHEM (Nablus)… Security forces operated in east Shechem.

◾HEAVY RAINS AND SIGNIFICANT DROP IN TEMPERATURE IN ISRAEL… awaiting Gaza reports in (1) (2) (3) of “open dams flooding Gaza” and “freezing to death” (where the UN refused to put up heavy-duty evacuation tents because of cultural implications to the Palestinians of a tent camp).

November 27, Noon

????HOSTAGE ESCAPED, GAZA CIVILIANS TURNED HIM IN… The abductee who was released yesterday, Roni Kariboy, says that the building where he was being held in Gaza was bombed and collapsed, and he managed to escape and for 4 days tried to reach the Israeli border. In the end, he was captured by “Gaza civilians” who handed him over to Hamas. (!!!)

????RELEASE CONFLICTS, AGAIN… Reuters: Israel and Hamas have raised claims and concerns about the lists of abductees and prisoners of those who are supposed to be released today. Both sides present objections. Families have not been informed, indicating the list remains in flux.

????HAMAS GAMES (7)… Senior Hamas official Osama Hamdan told the Qatari channel: “The discussion on extending the ceasefire depends on finding more hostages in Gaza. (( They lost them? )). A diplomatic source told CNN that there are over 40 hostages who are not being held by Hamas ((that leaves about 150 to release — so what’s the problem? )). In addition, there are some problems with the current pace of releasing the abductees. (( They prefer them to die first??? )))

????RELEASED HOSTAGE CONDITION WORSENS… Alma Avraham, add some Tehillim (psalms) for her recovery. “Soroka Hospital: she continues to worsen, her life is in danger.”

◾PALLYWOOD 3.0… The Palestinians published a video of a Gaza family that decided to continue living under the ruins of their home. Except their clothes and implements (making coffee over a fire) are completely clean and dust-free – fake, staged for the photographer.

◾ISRAELI POLITICS… fighting between the elected coalition and the State Camp added for national unity over the adjusted war budget, which is up for approval today. War cost: 26 billion shekels. 17 billion military costs, 8.8 billion civilian costs.

◾ELON MUSK IN ISRAEL… visits Kfar Aza, and sees the horror video. Min. Of Communications says agreements “in principle” for the use of Starlink satellite internet in Israel and Gaza.

◾ISRAELI INTEREST RATES… likely to be lowered.

◾ATTACK IN MITZPE YERICHO… A Jewish resident was attacked in the head with an iron bar by 3 Israeli Arabs garbage workers. He was evacuated to Sha’are Zedek Hospital, the attackers were arrested.

November 27, 18:00

◼ Israeli media reports that a new list of Israeli captives that are set to be released today was received, and approved, and their families are being updated

◼ Israel Army Radio reports: Islamic Jihad has transferred all of the captives it was holding to Hamas, who now have about 20 mothers and children that can return to Israel.

ISRAEL REALTIME – “Connecting the World to Israel in Realtime”

Evening – Nov. 27

????HAMAS GAMES (7)… More details on tonight’s issue… ( According to the Egyptians, today’s release will be carried out as planned. )

  • Hamas delivered a list of 11 hostages
  • Children appear on the list, without their mothers, contrary to the agreement
  • Hamas offered to replace the mothers with other women, but Israel refuses
  • Israel’s refusal due to information (from released hostages) that Hamas does hold the mothers, and separate them from their children on purpose

An update 20 minutes ago says “negotiations successful”, and release will occur. Reports say families were notified. They also say “Negotiations have not yet ended – cautious optimism”.

The youngest hostage, 8-month-old Kfar Biebs, is reportedly NOT on the list. NO BABIES, again.

????CEASEFIRE EXTENSION? Reuters: Egypt is talking about a two-day extension to hudna during which 20 Israeli hostages and 60 Palestinian prisoners will be released. Hamas senior Osama Hamdan: We are preparing a new list of (Israeli hostages) who are (held hostage in) Gaza to prolong the hudna. According to CNN, Hamas is taking advantage of the lull to change the location of the hostages.

????WHERE ARE THE BABIES? Aid? Ceasefire extension???

◾HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, HOSPITAL BOMB WAS PIJ AND HAMAS LIED… ten days after the start of the war, the explosion at Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City was a significant event that brought millions of people to the streets in protests against Israel. More than a month later, Human Rights Watch, one of the most important human rights organizations in the world, published a report on the incident in which it stated:

  1. The damage and fragments are typical of rockets used by Hamas and Islamic Jihad.
  2. The death tolls presented by the Palestinians are exaggerated.
  3. The Palestinians lied and omitted evidence (the remains of the rocket), claiming that all the remains melted “like salt in water”.

◾ANOTHER YEMEN ATTEMPTED SHIP HIJACKING… advisory from 20 min. ago, a “suspicious approach” 3-person hijacking team approached the cargo ship – the cargo ship sped off at maximum speed, followed for 1 hour, and escaped.

????CEASEFIRE EXTENDED…. Qatar and Hamas announced an agreement for a 2-day ceasefire and hostage release extension, according to the existing terms. Egypt says extended 1 day. The extension has now been announced by the White House (though I can’t find this from an official source).

An Israeli source said, “We are still working hard to successfully finish today’s process of releasing the group, which is also expected to spill into the night.” So it’s too early to talk about it. We know who we are dealing with and live from day to day.”

????WHERE ARE THE BABIES? Aid? Ceasefire extension???

◾HOUTHIS DENY U.S. SAVED A SHIP THEY TRIED TO HIJACK… analyst: possibly true, the US may have stopped an actual pirate – not a Houthi attack.

◾PROPAGANDA… The world is presenting a “prisoner exchange deal” between Israel and Hamas… let’s be precise, it’s not a prisoner exchange deal, it’s the release of innocent hostages in exchange for terrorists!

November 27, 21:00

◼ Channel 12 Report: One of the hostages who returned in recent days said that Hamas leader in Gaza Yahya Sinwar – the man who presided over the Oct. 7 massacre – visited where she was held and spoke perfect Hebrew (which he is known to have learned in prison).

◼Israeli media reports, quoting senior officials, that the option to extend the ceasefire deal for 2 (and only 2 ) days will be implemented if already today the Hamas terrorists provide the list that will be released (10 each day) during those 2 days. If Hamas will provide the list – the ceasefire will be extended.

November 27, 22:00

◼ IDF spokesperson: Based on information that was received from the Red Cross, 11 hostages are currently on their way to Israeli territory.

The 11 Israeli hostages released from Hamas captivity tonight: Sharon Aloni Cunio and her children Emma and Yuli, siblings Sahar and Erez Calderon, Karina Engel-Bart and her children Mika and Yuval, siblings Yagil and Or Yaakov, and Eitan Yahalomi.

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