Holy Jerky A Charcuterie Board Delivery Service

I recently discovered a fantastic delivery service called Holy Jerky that offers charcuterie boards! I ordered one for a small gathering I was having and it was a hit. The board was beautifully arranged with a variety of meats, cheeses, fruits, and nuts. The portions were generous and the quality was top-notch. The delivery process was seamless and the board arrived at the perfect temperature. I highly recommend Holy Jerky for anyone looking to impress their guests with a stunning and delicious charcuterie board.

What other types of food does Holy Jerky offer?

I recently discovered a fantastic delivery service called Holy Jerky that offers charcuterie boards! I ordered one for a small gathering I was having and it was a hit. The board was beautifully arranged with a variety of meats, cheeses, fruits, and nuts. The portions were generous and the quality was top-notch. The delivery process was seamless and the board arrived at the perfect temperature. I highly recommend Holy Jerky for anyone looking to impress their guests with a stunning and delicious charcuterie board.

Holy Jerky offers a variety of delicious food options, including Bold Jerky Platter, Classic Jerky Platter, Biltong, Charcuterie Boards, Keto Sticks, and Artisan Salami. Which one are you interested in trying? Let me know if you need any more information about these options!

A little about the company

Holy Jerky is a kosher jerky company based in New York City. They offer a wide variety of jerky, including beef jerky, biltong, and charcuterie boards. Their jerky is made with premium ingredients and smoked over real wood. They are also certified kosher by the OU and VAAD Hakashrus of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway.

Holy Jerky is a great option for people looking for a delicious and high-quality kosher jerky. Their jerky is made with care and attention to detail, and it is sure to please even the most discerning palate.

Holy Jerky is available online and at select retailers. You can also subscribe to their monthly jerky club to receive a variety of jerky flavors delivered to your door each month.

Here are some of the reviews found online for Holy:

  • “This is the best jerky I’ve ever had! The flavors are amazing and the texture is perfect.” – Sarah S.
  • “I’m so glad I found Holy Jerky. It’s the perfect kosher snack for me.” – David B.
  • “I’m a big fan of jerky, and Holy Jerky is definitely my favorite. The flavors are so unique and the quality is top-notch.” – Emily C.

If you’re looking for a delicious and high-quality kosher jerky, I highly recommend Holy Jerky. You won’t be disappointed!

What is Holy Jerky?

Holy Jerky is a charcuterie board delivery service that prides itself in delivering high-quality beef jerky made from grass-fed and carrot-finished beef. With the expertise of skilled meat artisans, Holy Jerky offers customers an extraordinary selection of cuts of beef that are marinated to perfection. Delivered right to your doorstep, Holy Jerky’s subscription boxes are packed with fresh and delicious beef jerky as well as an assortment of other specialty meat preparations. The company’s commitment to using only the best cuts of beef ensures that customers receive meat products that are not only delicious but also healthy and wholesome. Explore the world of holy jerky and enjoy the traditional art of charcuterie in all its glory.

Why Use Holy Jerky?

Holy Jerky is the perfect solution for those looking for a healthy and sustainable snack option. Their snacks are made using high-quality, all-natural ingredients that are free from preservatives and artificial flavors. With a variety of options to choose from, including beef, chicken, and grass-fed options, Holy Jerky has something for everyone.

One of the biggest benefits of using Holy Jerky is their commitment to sustainability. They source their meat from farms that prioritize animal welfare and environmental sustainability. This means that you can feel good about the snacks you are enjoying, knowing that they are supporting a better future for our planet.

In addition to their focus on sustainability, Holy Jerky also offers special discounts for bulk orders and monthly subscriptions. This makes it easy to stock up on your favorite snacks while saving money at the same time. Their subscription service also allows you to try new flavors and varieties each month, making snacking both enjoyable and exciting.

Overall, if you’re looking for healthy and sustainable snacks with a variety of options and special discounts, Holy Jerky is the perfect choice for you.

Types of Charcuterie Boards Available

One of the best ways to impress your guests at any gathering is by putting together a beautiful charcuterie board display. And with Holy Jerky’s charcuterie board delivery service, it’s now easier than ever to enjoy a perfectly curated selection of artisanal meats, cheeses, and other accompaniments right at your own home. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, a game night, or just looking to elevate your snacking game, Holy Jerky has got you covered. Here are the different types of charcuterie boards they offer to cater to every taste and preference.

Classic Charcuterie Board: This is an all-time favourite and a well-balanced selection of the best meats, cheeses, crackers, and fruits, perfect for any occasion.

Vegetarian Charcuterie Board: A healthy and delicious spin on the classic version. This includes various charcuterie board items such as fresh veggies like carrots, cucumbers, and radishes, different hummus and dips, nuts and seeds, fruit slices, and crackers.

Meat-Lover’s Charcuterie Board: If you’re a fan of beef jerky or any other meat variety, this board is perfect for you. This board brings together a variety of Big John’s Beef jerky, fresh and dried meat, and meat pies to satisfy any carnivore’s palate.

Seafood Charcuterie Board: For those who prefer seafood, this board will be a delight. It contains everything from smoked salmon to shrimp cocktail, stuffed clams, and other seafood delicacies.

Chocolate Charcuterie Board: Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, this board contains an assortment of chocolates, candies, nuts, fruits, and other sweet snacks. A great way to satisfy your cravings whilst enjoying the art of charcuterie.

Beef Jerky

Holy Jerky offers a wide variety of beef jerky, ranging from classic to unique flavors. The classic beef jerky is made with high-quality grass-fed beef, smoked to perfection and spiced with traditional flavors. For those who like it sweet and savory, Holy Jerky offers a honey sriracha flavor, while the bold and spicy flavor is perfect for those who like a kick of heat in their meat. Holy Jerky also offers teriyaki and black pepper flavors for a more subdued taste, and a Habanero Lime flavor for those who want to spice things up.

In comparison to Jerky Gent and Crowd Cow, Holy Jerky offers a diverse range of flavors that cater to different tastes. While Jerky Gent offers flavors like Maple Bourbon and Bloody Mary, and Crowd Cow provides cuts like Flank Steak and Filet Mignon, Holy Jerky offers variety in both types and flavors that appeal to a wider audience. Their grass-fed beef ensures that the cuts are of the highest quality, making it a healthier choice for consumers.

One of the unique selling points of Holy Jerky is their commitment to using only the best ingredients and keeping the products free from preservatives and MSG. Additionally, they offer an exclusive savings program through their promo codes and coupons.

Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed beef is a nutritious and healthier alternative to conventionally raised beef. Grass-fed beef comes from cattle that are raised on natural pastures, consuming only grass and other green forage throughout their lives. This, in turn, results in beef that is leaner, contains a higher quantity of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants, and is free from antibiotics and growth hormones.

At Holy Jerky, we offer a variety of cuts of grass-fed beef that can be prepared and served in different ways. Our customers can choose from classic options such as grass-fed beef jerky or venture out and try something new like our grass-fed beef burgers. Our burgers are made from ground beef that is carefully selected, grass-fed and grass-finished, and prepared with no added hormones or antibiotics. They are a great option for those looking for a healthier burger alternative.

Holy Jerky also offers a range of cuts of grass-fed beef which include sirloin steak, ribeye steak, flank steak, and filet mignon. These cuts can be served grilled, roasted, or seared, and paired with different sides and flavors for a complete meal.

In conclusion, grass-fed beef is a healthier alternative to conventionally raised beef. Holy Jerky offers a variety of grass-fed beef cuts that can be prepared in different ways to suit any taste. Try our grass-fed beef burgers for a tasty and nutritious burger experience.

Cuts of Meat

At Holy Jerky, we offer an extensive variety of high-quality cuts of meat that can be prepared and served in various ways. Our selection includes cuts of beef, veal, chicken, and sometimes even seafood.

Our beef cuts include sirloin steak, ribeye steak, flank steak, filet mignon, and more. Our grass-fed and grass-finished beef is carefully selected and prepared with no added hormones or antibiotics, ensuring excellent flavor and quality. The grass-fed beef also contains more healthy omega-3 fatty acids and fewer unhealthy omega-6 fatty acids compared to grain-fed beef.

For veal lovers, we offer various cuts such as veal shoulder, veal chops, and veal belly. Our pasture-raised pigs are raised on a natural diet and given plenty of space to roam, resulting in more flavorful and tender meat.

Our chicken cuts consist of boneless chicken thighs, chicken breast, and even chicken wellington. We offer pasture-raised chicken, which means the chickens are raised on a natural diet and given plenty of space to move around. This ensures the highest quality, most flavorful, and most tender chicken possible.

Finally, we sometimes include seafood options such as shrimp or smoked salmon in our charcuterie boards. Our seafood is sourced sustainably and ethically to offer a unique and delicious addition to our selection of cuts of meat.

Kosher Charcuterie Board

At Holy Jerky, we’re proud to offer Kosher Charcuterie Boards that will exceed your expectations. Our Kosher Charcuterie Boards start at $110 in June, and with an order, you’ll receive an exclusive 25% discount.

Our Artisan Charcuterie boards include an assortment of high-quality, delicious meats such as beef jerky, beef sticks, and chicken liver pate. Our accompaniments include various cheeses, fruits, and nuts, all handpicked for their quality and flavor.

Our Meal Boards are crafted with the same care and attention to detail as our Artisan Charcuterie boards, but with added protein and sides that make a complete meal. In addition to an array of meats and cheeses, our Meal Boards also contain sides like roasted vegetables and dips.

Our Kosher Charcuterie Boards are perfect for any occasion, from dinner parties to corporate events. You can trust us to provide you with the highest quality meats, cheeses, and accompaniments that will leave your guests impressed. Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer and order your Kosher Charcuterie Board today!

Chicken Breast

At Holy Jerky, we are proud to offer a variety of chicken breast options that are responsibly raised and free from hormones and antibiotics. We source our chicken from trusted farms that prioritize animal welfare and sustainable practices.

Our boneless, skinless chicken breasts are perfect for those looking for a lean protein option. We also offer chicken breast cuts that come with added features, such as marinades or flavors, to elevate your meal.

What sets Holy Jerky apart from other meat delivery services is our commitment to providing high-quality meat products that are not only delicious but also responsibly sourced. We believe it’s important to know where our food comes from and to support farms that prioritize the well-being of their animals and the environment.

When you order chicken breast from Holy Jerky, you can rest assured that you’re getting a product that not only tastes great but is also good for you and the planet. Try our chicken breast cuts today and taste the difference that responsible raising and quality sourcing can make.

Holy Grail Meat Selection

Holy Grail Steak Co. is your go-to source for high-quality, responsibly-sourced meat products. We work tirelessly to source premium meats from small ranches and farms dedicated to sustainable and humane practices. Our selection includes a wide range of meat varieties, so you can find the perfect cut for your taste and needs.

One of our most notable offerings is our selection of exclusive Wagyu cuts from Japan, Australia, and the US. Our Wagyu beef is a true delicacy, renowned for its unparalleled flavor and exquisite marbling. We also offer a range of other beef cuts, including USDA Prime and Choice, grass-fed, and pasture-raised. In addition, we have an assortment of veal, poultry, and game meats to suit all your preferences.

At Holy Grail Steak Co., we understand the importance of knowing where your food comes from, and keeping animals and the environment in mind. That’s why we go the extra mile to work with small ranches and farms that prioritize sustainability, animal welfare, and quality. With our premium meat selections and unwavering commitment to responsible sourcing, we strive to provide you with an unforgettable meat experience. So why not try Holy Grail Steak Co. today and taste the difference yourself?

Muscle Jerky

Holy Jerky’s Muscle Jerky section is a haven for meat lovers looking for a satisfying snack. Their collection features a wide variety of whole muscle jerky that is sure to leave your taste buds wanting more. From teriyaki to spicy garlic, they have a flavor for every palate. The Muscle Jerky is made from top-quality beef, hand-cut, marinated, and dried to perfection.

Starting at a low price of just $6.99, your wallet can indulge in this delectable treat without breaking the bank. And for the die-hard Muscle Jerky fans, Holy Jerky offers subscription deals that mean regular discounts and exclusive offers. Whether you’re seeking variety or a steady supply, Holy Jerky has got you covered.

Don’t miss out on these amazing savings with Holy Jerky’s Muscle Jerky subscription. With the range of options available and the low starting price, there’s no reason not to treat yourself to Holy Jerky’s Muscle Jerky delights.

Cuts of Beef

Holy Jerky’s offerings include a variety of cuts of high-quality, grass-fed beef that is sustainably raised and free of hormones and antibiotics. Here are some of the popular cuts frequently featured in their jerky:

1. Sirloin: This cut comes from the back of the cow and is lean, juicy, and flavorful. It’s a versatile cut that can be used for different cooking methods, such as grilling or oven roasting.

2. Flank: The flavorful flank is a lean, tough cut that requires a bit more preparation. It’s best marinated to tenderize the meat before cooking. Flank steak is perfect for stir-fries, fajitas, and of course, jerky.

3. Tri-Tip: This triangular cut comes from the bottom sirloin and is known for its rich, beefy flavor. It’s great for grilling, roasting, or even smoking.

Holy Jerky’s commitment to using only sustainably raised, grass-fed beef ensures a unique and delicious flavor profile for their products. Try these different cuts cooked in various methods to uncover their full potential.

Ground Beef

Ground beef is a widely popular meat option due to its versatility and affordability. It is commonly prepared from various cuts such as chuck, sirloin, and round, which offer different levels of fat content, flavor, and texture. Chuck is a preferred choice for most people due to its balanced fat to meat ratio, while sirloin is known for its lean meat content with a lower fat ratio. Round is usually the leanest cut and can be used for those who prefer a low-fat option.

Ground beef can be prepared in a variety of ways, cooked to perfection and used in several dishes for both lunch and dinner. Some of the popular ground beef recipes include burgers, meatballs, meatloaf, spaghetti sauce, and chili. It can also be used as a filling for tacos, burritos, and casseroles. Ground beef is incredibly versatile, and its adaptability ensures that it can quickly become a family favorite for dishes in every season.

Overall, ground beef is an excellent option for those seeking a meaty flavor in their dish without breaking the bank. It is a versatile and affordable choice for any cook looking to prepare a mouth-watering meal. With its many cooking options and potential uses, ground beef offers endless possibilities in any kitchen.

Amazing Organic Grass-Fed Beef Jerky

Amazing Organic Grass-Fed Beef Jerky is a delicious snack that is both healthy and satisfying. Made from 100% organic, grass-fed beef, our jerky is free from preservatives and artificial flavors. Organic beef jerky has several health benefits, including being high in protein and rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

Our jerky comes in a variety of flavors, each one carefully crafted to satisfy every taste bud. Whether you like it spicy or sweet, we have a flavor for everyone. Our popular flavors include spicy teriyaki, original, and smoked, all made with premium quality, grass-fed beef.

Furthermore, our jerky is perfect for those following a keto diet as it is low in carbs and high in protein. It’s a great snack to have on-the-go and perfect for those afternoon cravings. Our beef jerky is the perfect keto-friendly snack that will keep you feeling fuller for longer, and without the guilt of consuming unhealthy snacks.

In conclusion, Amazing Organic Grass-Fed Beef Jerky is the perfect snack for anyone wanting to indulge in a delicious and healthy snack. With its high-quality, grass-fed beef and no preservatives, it’s a treat you can feel good about eating. Try our different flavors today and make snacking healthy and satisfying.

Angus Beef

Angus beef is a premium quality meat that originated in Scotland, with the Angus breed becoming popular in the United States in the 1800s. It is prized for its signature marbling, which refers to the fat dispersed throughout the muscle tissue, resulting in a richer flavor and tenderness. This marbling is controlled by genetics and feeding practices, making it a top choice for high-end steakhouses and restaurants.

The tenderness of Angus beef is also due to its fine-grained muscle, which results in a buttery and smooth texture. Its flavor is often described as juicy and beefy, with a slightly sweet taste. All these characteristics make Angus beef a go-to choice for meat lovers, and it is often considered a luxury item on menus.

Popular cuts of Angus beef include ribeye, filet mignon, strip steak, and flank steak. Ribeye is known for its rich marbling, while filet mignon is prized for its tenderness. Strip steak is a versatile cut that can be cooked on the grill or in a pan, while flank steak is best marinated and grilled. To highlight the unique flavor of Angus beef, it is recommended to season simply with salt and pepper or use a mild rub. It is best cooked to medium-rare or medium to preserve its tenderness and flavor.

Beef Burger Varieties

Holy Jerky offers a range of delicious beef burger varieties made with the highest quality beef. Our burgers are made with a variety of beef types, from grass-fed beef to Angus beef, to ensure an exceptional taste experience.

We take pride in using organic beef that is free from antibiotics, ensuring that our customers receive a healthy and tasty meal. Our grass-fed beef burgers are particularly popular, as they are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which promote better heart health and a stronger immune system.

To make our burgers stand out, we offer unique toppings and sauces that complement the juicy beef. Try our classic burger with smoked bacon and cheddar cheese, or try our spicy burger with jalapeño peppers and habanero sauce. We also offer vegetarian burgers made with black beans and quinoa for those who prefer a plant-based option.

At Holy Jerky, we believe that a good burger should be delicious and nutritious. Our beef burger varieties are not only tasty but also made with quality ingredients that promote health and well-being. Give us a try and taste the difference in our organic, grass-fed beef burgers with unique toppings.

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