Happy National Hot Dog Day

Hot dogs are usually made with beef, and anyone can enjoy the age-old favorite food in America and are enjoyed all year long.
However, July 20 is the day we hold them in the highest regard.

The first national hot dog day was held in 1991, and a hot dog lunch was offered at Capitol Hill. Since then, it has been a tradition to provide hot dogs to Capitol Hill employees, lawmakers, government officials, and baseball legends.

History Of The Hot Dog

1971 Feast the Hot Dog Day was first celebrated by students in Alfred, NY. As you can imagine, the affordability of hot dogs is what many schools like. It’s also very easy to find. Many students celebrated hot dogs for a whole week. 

1893 Ballpark Franks

 Hot dogs and baseball were officially gathered in St. Louis by the team’s owners, St. Louis Browns, now known as the St. Louis Cardinals. He also handed them out at his amusement park.

1870 Coney Island Dog 

Charles Veltman started selling bread sausages on Coney Island in New York. 
The Frankfurters, very similar to hot dogs, were born in Frankfurt, Germany. In the 1880s, Antonio Eichtwanger began selling hot dogs in St. Louis, Missouri. German immigrant Chris von der Ahe, who owned St. Louis Browns, is believed to have started selling hot dogs in baseball games in the 1890s. Since then, hot dogs have taken root in American baseball culture. To celebrate the connection between baseball and hot dogs, the American Meat Institute invites baseball players to the annual Hot Dog Luncheon at Capitol Hill during National Hot Dog Day on July 23rd.

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