What is a bleeding control kit? Does my Shul really need one?

Bleeding Control Kits for Places of Worship

Bleeding is the most common, preventable cause of death from traumatic injury.

Unfortunately, in today’s society, instead of a “luxury” for the “rich” synagogue or church, a multi-person bleeding control kit is essential.

If God forbid, a shooter started shooting our members in shul, or a bomb exploded, what would you do? What can you do? Besides your hands, what equipment is readily available and accessible to you within your proximity? Can you stop the life-threatening bleeding?

What items are needed in a bleeding control kit?

1. A genuine Tourniquet ( it should cost $30-$40 if cheaper, they might be fake)

2. Hemostatic gauze

3. Absorbent pad and a pressure bandage (Israeli bandage)

4. Non-latex gloves

5. Strong Scissors (EMT Shears)

Optional Chest Seals (Twin Pack)

Why are these items important?


Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT)
Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT)
Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT)
Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT)

When we talk about tourniquets in regard to bleeding control, we mean arterial tourniquets and not venous tourniquets (the rubber band used to get your blood drawn). The purpose of an arterial tourniquet is to compress the artery against the bone and cut off circulation and stop the blood from leaving the body.

Tourniquets are only useful for specific locations on the body because they need to be placed at least two (2) inches above (closer to the trunk of the body) the injury. Tourniquets are beneficial for the middle of the bicep/upper arms to the wrists and the middle of the femur/ leg bone to the ankles.

Hemostatic Gauze:

QuikClot Z-Fold Dressing (3in x 4yd)
QuikClot Z-Fold Dressing (3in x 4yd)

If the body loses more than 200 ml of blood, it can start losing the ability to clot, causing a person to bleed out and die. The first and most important thing is to stop the life-threatening bleeding by packing the wounds. The best products to use are hemostatic gauze, which has special products in them to help the body start clotting the blood and ultimately saving their life. If you do not have hemostatic gauze, please use a shirt or cloth to pack into the injury to help stop the bleeding.

Absorbent pad and Pressure Bandage:

2 HyFin vented chest seal twin pack (for entry and exit wounds)
2 HyFin vented chest seal twin pack (for entry and exit wounds)

Let’s say a person has severe life-threatening bleeding on the upper arm but there is not a wound to pack. Please use the absorbent pad a a pressure dressing to help control and stop the bleeding!

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