Osem Will Stop producing Mehadrin Certified Kosher Ketchup

Osem has stopped providing mehadrin kosher for one of its most essential flagship products, ketchup, as a result of the war in Ukraine and the massive shortage of tomato paste produced in this country, according to a report in Israel Today.

Osem had to switch to using a tomato paste made in Israel, which is a problem in terms of the elegant kosher in the year of the shemita and in fact causes the elegant kosher to be removed from the product.
According to the report, due to the war in Ukraine, many goods were stuck that was supposed to arrive in Israel, including the raw material intended for the production of ketchup. There is currently no clear time of when the goods will be released, and the barn has chosen not to wait and continues to produce the ketchup with tomatoes from the sale permit. Osem responded: “The war in Ukraine is affecting the supply of raw materials and production, including a tomato concentrate for ketchup production.

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