Opinion: Jerusalem Day Flag Parade was held in Jerusalem

Authored By Rabbi Ben Packer

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I apologize for the delay in the news report this week. Some of the treasonous actions we saw in the past week could make anyone sick to their stomach.

Flag Wars

The classic struggle of “Capture the Flag” has become somewhat of a regional battle recently. Here is what happened on the battlefield this week.

The annual Jerusalem Day Flag Parade was held in Jerusalem this week

Last year the route of the march was changed because of the war taking place between Gaza and Israeli Arabs at the time. This year the regular path through the Shechem Gate was resumed. Over 70,000 people are estimated to have participated and over 2500 ascended the Temple Mount as well. As always, local Arabs attacked celebrants, mostly with pepper spray and curses. It is true that there were chants by some paraders that could be deemed offensive. I’m sure the Arabs were shocked and horrified by the chants. Just kidding. To all those idiots not paying attention or unable to, there is a conflict here. The Arabs are well aware of it. Some Israelis who think they are prominent condemned the parade ostensibly because of the chants, but really they just want to pretend there is no conflict here and if the Jews just behaved, then all would be peaceful. Again, they are prominent idiots.

Meanwhile, in the Samarian Arab village of Huwara, the battle over flags is continuing. The road that goes through Huwara is in Area C and is currently the only road to access the Jewish communities around the biblical city of Shechem. A bypass road is currently under construction and will undoubtedly lead to the explosive growth of the local Jewish communities when completed. In the meantime, the Arabs have been putting up “Palestinian” flags (which are just Jordanian flags) along the way. Recently the Jews began to take them down physically. Of course, this causes a whole thing, and the army comes, and tons of rocks are thrown at Jewish cars. Some Arab vehicles have been damaged as well. Again, it’s a conflict.

-Ignoring the entire conflict and any semblance of common sense, the mayor of Ramat Gan allowed a giant “Palestinian” flag to be put up on a building. Even the Israeli police told them it was a bad idea. After a few hours and much criticism/threats, the flag was taken down. In fairness, the mayor of Ramat Gan is known to do many anti-Jewish and stupid things, so there’s no surprise here.

Finally, the Gay Pride parade was held in Jerusalem this week, and all the Israeli flags along the parade route were taken down and replaced with the rainbow ones. Everyone can interpret this one on their own.

The Coalition Government Totters

The current Israeli government continues to be unable to pass any legislation. Additionally, there are reports of various elements of the coalition planning to bring it down. Last week, some Arab woman member of the Meretz party threatened to bolt if she didn’t get money for some project in her hometown. She got it and stayed. Now she wants more money. Have these people never met a crackhead before? Once you give them a little change one time, I’m amazed at how valuable things I learned in high school are for my life today. Anyway, Justice Minister Gidon Saar says that he will quit next week if specific legislation is not passed, and it’s hard to see it getting given. But it just might get passed. The last thing these undemocratic charlatans want is an election.

The controversial building project called “E1”, just east of Jerusalem, is back in the news. This plan was first introduced in the early 90s and has been delayed since then, partially because of international pressure against it. The current US Ambassador, who just looks lost, claimed personal credit for further delaying the planning. But now the plan has been put back on the agenda for a meeting next month. Let’s wait and see if it happens. In the meantime, Arabs recently started moving into the area, so no real surprise there.

A group of Israel Prize (not sure what that is or why anyone thinks it’s crucial) winners has publicly encouraged Belgium to continue its boycott of Jewish-made products in Judea and Samaria. Of course, this is just sick, and these “winners” should be deported with their trophies.

Suriname announced this week that it would open an embassy in Jerusalem. Suriname is a country in South America and not just a fancy way of saying the last name.

Rabbi Uri Zohar passed away this week. He was Israel’s most celebrated secular entertainer and then became religious and quit it all. He was awarded the Israel Prize but turned it down. A real tzadik.

Happy Shavuos!

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