Opinion: CNN reported that Israel intentionally killed the Al Jazeera reporter

Authored By Rabbi Ben Packer

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This week fake news CNN reported that Israel intentionally killed the Al Jazeera reporter in Jenin.

In reality, since the Arabs won’t get the bullet examined, then no one can prove who shot the woman. Let’s just say that CNN’s witnesses are about as reliable as Triangle K. A lot of people are asking why so many Al Jazeera reporters (7 in all) were there at the time of the shootout. I’m just asking G-d why there weren’t a few CNN reporters caught in the crossfire as well….In the meantime, the Palestinian Authority has referred their “findings” to the Internation Criminal Court, which makes sense because both of these fake entities don’t actually and shouldn’t ever really exist.

The assassination of Iranian Colonel

After killing the Al Jazeera woman, this week Israel took out a leading officer in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. The killed terrorist was reportedly extensively involved with attempts to attack Israelis and Israeli interests throughout the world. So far, from the reports that I’ve seen, it doesn’t seem like he succeeded much in life and now it seems he never will. That must be very sad for CNN.

Hamas, and now Hezbollah as well, Threaten Jerusalem Day Flag Parade

This coming Sunday is Yom Yerushalayim, a day celebrating the 55th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem. One of the main traditional events of the day is a parade of flag-waving participants that travels in the direction of the Old City and ends with a concert and dancing at the Western Wall. The route of the parade includes the Shechem Gate of the Old City. Earlier in the week, Hamas threatened to shoot rockets at Israel if the parade proceeds this year as planned. Subsequently, Hezbollah joined the threat as well. Maybe retreating from Gaza and southern Lebanon wasn’t the best idea….CNN can prove that they were, in fact, the best ideas.

Repeal of the Disengagement Law Fails

Speaking of the retreat from Gaza, referred to in Israel as the “Disengagement” because it sounds happier than “run away”, a law was proposed this week in the Knesset to repeal the Disengagement Law that allowed the running away to happen and still bans Jews from the areas that were disengaged/run away from. Despite being legally banned, there is a continuous presence of a yeshiva in the previously abandoned and then destroyed community of Homesh in the northern Shomron (Samaria). Most folks probably weren’t aware of this reality until a student at the yeshiva was killed a few months ago by terrorists. Now all of a sudden, Defense Minister Benny Gantz says that he must (now) destroy the yeshiva.

In order to try and stop this, a law was brought to vote in the Knesset by the Opposition parties to repeal the “Disengagement” law once and forever and to allow Jews back to Homesh. This proposal was voted down, with the support of Naftali Bennett. Ayelet Shaked, of the same party and government as Bennett, has claimed that everything is being done to try to prevent the destruction of the Homesh yeshiva. I guess except for voting against it. You would have thought that would be the first thing to do..

Another Quitter?
Meanwhile, while voting for the continuance of the Disengagement, Naftali Bennett is desperately trying to stay in charge. This week his coalition successfully contained a revolt by one member by allocating additional funding to a hospital she likes. However, another member, Michael Biton of the Blue and White party, has now stated that he won’t vote for any coalition-supported legislation until further notice because he feels like he’s being ignored. This government is just 7th grade all over again.

Hamas tries to Kill Ben-Gvir

The Israeli Security Services (Shabak) announced this week that they exposed and captured a Hamas terror cell operating in Jerusalem who were planning to try and assassinate Member of Knesset Itamar Ben-Gvir and also to blow up the light-rail train. Didn’t work out for them. Leftists are saying that this proves that Ben-Gvir should be restricted but they aren’t saying the train should stop running…..

Saudi Normalization?

There are hopeful reports that normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia is currently being negotiated. It’s part of a deal that would see two islands that are currently held by Egypt being transferred to Saudi control. The deal requires Israel’s approval. Seems like there is real hope, let’s hope President Brandon doesn’t screw it up….

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