Lulavim Are Now Banned From Importing into Canada

Update From Dovid Leib Silverstein he is happy to report that the issue has been resolved
He thanked the many people that reached out to offer to help with the issue and a special thanks to member of parliament Rachel Bendayan
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has banned all industrial imports of Lulavim, hadassim (myrtle branch), and Aravos (willow branch), making it hard for Jews to keep their religious observance of Sukkos this year.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

which regulates imports and exports in and out of Canada, and has banned all business imports of Lulavim, hadassim (myrtle branch), and Aravos (willow branch).

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Dovid Leib Silverstein, the owner of Rodal’s Judaica in Montreal

informed Canadian citizens that the most straightforward manner for Canadian Jews who will have to observe the Mitzvah of Lulav is to travel to the states within three days of Sukkos and return with it into the county for personal use. The CFIA website site states that Lulavs are allowed to be imported “For ceremonial or spiritual use at some stage in the holiday of Sukkot. Lulavs are for private use and have to be on the traveler’s person at the time of access into Canada. Commercial imports aren’t permitted.”

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