Lays Potato Chip Recall In Australia and New Zealand

A recall has been issued for certain Lays potato chip varieties. Consumers are being advised not to consume the recalled Lays potato chips because they have been found to pose a serious health risk.

1 Finger PTY LTD, an Australian company, has recalled Lays Potato Chips

which were mostly sold in Asian grocery stores in Victoria. Due to undeclared allergens, the Australian company revoked the sale of four Lay’s potato chip varieties on July 3, 2022.
The chips may contain milk, wheat, or soy that was not listed on the label, posing a potentially life-threatening risk to people with allergies.

The recall originated in Australia, where the products were only available at Asian grocery stores in Victoria. According to a notice posted by Food Standards Australia New Zealand, this is the case.

If someone allergic to milk, soy, or wheat

consumes any of the named Lays potato chip flavors, they may experience mild to severe allergic reactions.
Wheezing, vomiting, hives, and digestive problems are common symptoms of an allergic reaction, though they vary from person to person.

Severe allergic reactions caused by eating foods containing milk, wheat, or soy can result in anaphylaxis, a potentially fatal reaction that narrows the airways and makes breathing difficult.

People who are allergic to milk, wheat, or soy should avoid eating the listed Lays potato chips due to the significant health risks they pose to consumers.

If you have purchased it, it should be discarded or returned to the place of purchase for a refund.
The following flavors in the Lays potato chip recall: Allergen research is still ongoing.

The recall affected four different flavors of chips. They are as follows:

Lays Cucumber Flavor has a “Best Before” date of “27/07/2022.”
The ‘Best Before’ date for Lays Roasted Garlic Oyster Flavor is “29/07/2022.”
Lay’s Roasted Fish Flavor has a “Best Before” date of “29/07/2022.”
The ‘Best Before’ date for Lays Fried Crab Flavor is “05/12/2022.”

According to a notice distributed by the Center for Food Safety (CFS), the chips were available in 70-gram sizes. The CFS said it “will continue to be vigilant and monitor for any new developments, taking appropriate actions as needed.” They also said the investigation into the incident is “ongoing.”

Those allergic to milk, wheat, or soy should seek immediate medical attention after consuming any of the listed flavors of chips to ensure that they are not facing life-threatening issues.

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