Kosher Chinese Restaurant In Manalapan Served Non-Kosher Beef and Chicken

Following a thorough examination of a recent complaint involving Kosher Chinese Express of Manalapan, New Jersey (“Chinese Express“), we, OK Kosher, would like to make the following announcement.

The general public has been informed that OK Kosher is no longer overseeing the eatery and that it is no longer open.

Customers of Chinese Express

If you have purchased any of their items in the last six months and used any of their utensils, Kasher such utensils are encouraged, according to a Poskim’s advice. Please get in touch with your Rav for advice and more information.

This information has severely saddened us, and we are grateful to the astute observer who made it known.

A well-known kosher Chinese restaurant in Manalapan

New Jersey restaurant abruptly ceased operations after grave charges against it were made public on Monday morning.

Allegations against the store and its kashrus certifier, the OK, soon erupted as a video of a person, apparently, the proprietor of the eatery, showed the man purchasing what looked to be non-kosher chicken and meat from a neighboring wholesale establishment.

Updated Statement From OK Kosher
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