KFP Alert: Ceres Juices Have Mistakenly Labeled Kosher For Passover

Update From Rabbi Tzvi Rosen at the Star-k “Ceres Juices are KFP al pi Halcaha; they have not produced al pi Star-K KFP standards.”

Brand: Ceres
The product was labeled in error with a Kosher for Passover symbol; ceres juices are not kosher for Passover

Star K Kosher, a leading authority in kosher certification

has announced the kosher for Passover status of Ceres Juice products. Despite having a kosher for Passover symbol on their packaging, all flavors of Ceres Juice are not kosher for Passover. This surprises many consumers who rely on the kosher symbol to determine the suitability of food products during the Passover holiday.

According to Star K Kosher, this discrepancy is due to a misprint on the product packaging, which incorrectly indicated that the juice was kosher for Passover. As a result, corrective measures have been implemented by the organization to rectify this issue and ensure that such errors do not occur in the future.

It is always essential to pay close attention to the product packaging and certification labels

Especially during holidays or special occasions when the authenticity of the product’s kosher status may be essential. By staying vigilant and informed, consumers can ensure that they are making appropriate choices when selecting kosher-certified products.

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