Jif peanut butter recall has affected other products from store shelves

The Jif peanut butter recall has quickly encompassed at least 69 other items because many businesses use the peanut butter in their products, including chocolates and sandwiches.

J.M. Smucker Co, the company that makes Jif, issued the recall last week after the FDA traced a salmonella outbreak to a plant in Lexington, KY

Jif peanut butter has been recalled because it contains the salmonella bacteria.

A third company recalled its products after announcing that they were also affected by the same issue. This time, the products are Jif cups in individually wrapped pouches incorporated in produce snacks, including fudge and store-brand pies made with Jif peanut butter.

Jif was one of the brands on the original recall list, but that has since expanded to include other popular products. Kraft’s PB&J’s and Albertsons’ snacks are included in additional recalls

How can you check if you have a recalled product?

All affected Jif peanut butter items can be identified by their lot code #, which can be found near the “best by” date. Unlike the UPC on a bar code, there is no specific format for the EAN. If the lot code’s first seven numbers end with 425, it was made in Lexington. If the code starts with four numbers between 1274 and 2140, you should not consume or use the peanut butter, and it should be discarded.

Check below the “Best if Used by” date to see if your jar of Jif peanut butter is being recalled. Products with lot codes 1274425 – 2140425, digit 425 in the 5th-7th position, are being recalled.


Smucker is letting people make a claim for up to five packs of peanut butter – because of the recall. To do this, they’ve put up a special webpage which you can visit at https://www.jifrecalled.com/ It plans to send coupons to pay for a replacement item, but that process could take as long as six weeks.

The recall extends really far overseas with affected countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Jif-related products were recalled by Wawa, Country Fresh, Coblentz Chocolate Company and many other well-known brands. The table below shows a list of Jif-related products that were recalled in each country:

The recall also goes beyond the American border. Based on Smucker’s information on Monday, The products in this particular recall were sent to 10 different countries. According to the FDA, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, and Japan have been affected by the recall. It’s investigating the outbreak along with many other agencies.

So far, no illnesses have been reported.

The first person in the salmonella outbreak fell ill on Feb. 17th, and there are now 14 people sick; 41% of those are hospitalized. That’s not a change in numbers since Jif recalled some of their products.

But the CDC warns that “the true number of sick people in an outbreak is likely much higher than the number reported” because many people recover without medical help.

The CDC also says there’s a 2-4 week delay in finding out if someone is part of an outbreak, which means we might not see newly reported cases yet.

What’s salmonella?

Salmonella is a type of bacteria that causes salmonellosis. It presents with symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, fever, and stomach cramps. This illness can be worse for children under five and elderly or vulnerable adults. It might even necessitate treatment or a hospital stay.

The onset and duration of symptoms vary a lot, but most people experience them after being infected for 6 hours – to 6 days. The sickness usually lasts around a week.

It’s named after Dr. Daniel E. Salmon, who was a pioneer in infectious diseases. He was interested in animal and human health and studied gastrointestinal illnesses A few years ago, somebody completed their first DVM–the first doctorate in veterinary medicine awarded in the U.S.–and it was back in 1876!

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