Isreal Realtime November 16

November 16, 07:00


Updated on November 16, 22:56 Isreal time

◼IDF: Yesterday (Wednesday), an anti-tank missile was launched from Lebanon toward the area of Shlomi in northern Israel. In response, the IDF struck the Hezbollah launch post from which the missile was fired.

Furthermore, the IDF also struck several observation posts and additional launch posts, a weapons compound, and terror infrastructure sites belonging to the Hezbollah terrorist organization.

◼IDF spokesperson: Commanding Officer of the Southern Command: “Tonight we conducted a targeted operation into Shifa hospital. We continue to move forward.”

◼IDF spokesperson’s announcement regarding the names of the two IDF heroes who were killed yesterday fighting in Northern Gaza:

Attached is a link to the IDF website, where further updates on the fallen soldiers have been published:

In addition, an IDF reserve officer from Battalion 9217 was seriously injured in a battle in the northern Gaza Strip and an IDF reserve fighter from the Southern Brigade was seriously injured during an operational activity in the surrounding area. Their families have been informed.

November 16, 08:00

◼Nikki Haley: “The UN Security Council called for a “pause” in Gaza, & instead of vetoing this shameful resolution, the US abstained. Biden is doing to Israel what Obama did at the UN—it’s embarrassing. We must have Israel’s back when it’s hit AND when it hits back. No ceasefire. Finish Hamas.”

◼Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson: Israel urges the Security Council and the international community to stand firm on the prompt release of all kidnapped Israelis, as outlined in the UNSC resolution.

Israel expects the Security Council to condemn Hamas unequivocally and to address the need to establish a new security reality in Gaza.

Extended humanitarian pauses are untenable as long as 239 abductees remain in the hands of Hamas terrorists.

◼”Biden said Wednesday that Israel’s war against the Islamist militant group would end “when Hamas no longer maintains the capacity to murder, abuse and just do horrific things” to Israel. “How long it’s going to last, I don’t know,” he said.”.

◼The Yemen Houthis are attacking ships in the Red Sea: Yesterday, while transiting the international waters of the Red Sea, the crew of the USS Thomas Hudner engaged a drone that originated from Yemen and was heading in the direction of the ship. The Hudner’s crew engaged and shot down the drone to ensure the safety of U.S. personnel. There were no U.S. casualties or any damage to the ship.

◼i24 News Reports: IDF expands its ‘targeted operation’ at Al Shif Hospital to the southern part of the complex: ‘The tunnel shafts or the basement shafts inside the hospital have been blocked by concrete by Hamas. The army has brought in addition of tanks to guard the area and bulldozers to try and open those shafts’

◼IDF spokesperson: Overnight, IDF fighter jets struck the residence of Ismail Haniyeh, the Head of Hamas’ Political Bureau, which was used as terrorist infrastructure and often served as a meeting point for Hamas’ senior leaders to direct terror attacks against Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers.

During the takeover of the Shati camp, IDF troops located and destroyed a Hamas naval forces weapons cache, containing diving gear, explosive devices, and weapons.

IDF troops also struck terrorists and located weapons including explosive belts, explosive barrels, RPGs, anti-tank missiles, comms equipment, and intelligence documents.

Attached is a video of the strike on Ismail Haniyeh’s residence which contained terror infrastructure:

Attached is a video of IDF troops’ operational activity:

Attached are photos of the weapons located:

Attached are photos of the IDF troops’ operations:

Attached is a video of IDF strikes:

Morning Nov 16

????TERROR ATTACK – JERUSALEM TUNNEL CHECKPOINT… the south checkpoint into Jerusalem from Judea (route 60) was attacked by an armed terrorist(s) (maybe 3) a short time ago. Terrorist eliminated, 5 injured – one critical. One report says 3 terrorists were killed. Possible bomb found on a terrorist – police sappers are examining.

◾LEBANON BATTLES… (enemy sources) Hezbollah is now sending out daily attack summaries: 3 attacks against Israelis in the eastern sector and 4 in the western sector. Israeli warplanes attacked south of Naqoura and Israeli UAVs carried out two attacks in the area between Houla and Telusa.

◾GAZA BATTLES… significant ongoing activity, attacks in the Zeytoun and Zabra neighborhoods at the same time as the advance of IDF forces in the west of Gaza City. Attacks near the Indonesian hospital in the north of Gaza.

◾HOUTHIS YEMEN ATTACK US SHIP… the Houthis fired a suicide drone at a US Navy ship in the Red Sea, and the ship shot it down.

◾THE TOLL… two hero soldiers were killed, 2 officers, and 1 seriously wounded yesterday.

November 16, 11:00

◼New tactical development with reports of IDF air strikes in southern Lebanon, Israeli media reports that the strikes are offensive in nature and not retaliation to specific incidents on the border.

◼IDF spokesperson (previously reported on November 13): The Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi, in the situational assessment in the Northern Command: “We are preparing the operational plans for the North. Our mission is to bring security. The security situation will not remain such that the civilians of the north do not feel safe returning to their homes.”

The Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi, held a situational assessment today (Monday the 13th) in the Northern Command, during which he approved the defensive and offensive plans going forward, and gave directions for high preparedness of all forces going forward.

November 16, 14:00

◼The Hamas terrorists who murdered and displayed the body of the late Shani Lok of blessed memory shouting Allah Aqbar have been eliminated today.

◼IDF spokesman says that photos/videos of some of the kidnapped civilians that were made in Gaza City were found on computers in the Hamas Shifa Headquarters, the IDF says that the findings were shown to international journalists who joined the IDF troops in their searches in Shifa.

◼IDF spokesperson: A short while ago, IDF soldiers struck a terrorist cell in Lebanon that attempted to launch anti-tank missiles toward Israeli territory.

In addition, terrorists attempted to carry out a number of rocket launches toward the area of Misgav Am in northern Israel, as well as IDF posts in the areas of Metula and Yiftah. No injuries were reported.

In response, IDF soldiers are striking with artillery fire toward the sources of the launches.

November 16, 16:30

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November 16, 16:30

◼IDF spokesperson: Rockets were found inside a bed in the children’s bedroom inside the house of a Hamas terrorist during operational activity carried out by the troops of the 551st Brigade. The terrorist was a part of a Hamas terrorist cell in Beit Hanoun.

During the operational activity, the troops uncovered a significant amount of weapons including rockets, explosive devices, and dozens of kilos of explosives. The weapons were subsequently destroyed by the forces.

In addition, the IDF discloses a recorded conversation between two Islamic Jihad terrorists, in which the terrorists describe how weapons are transferred inside baby strollers.

Attached to this post is a video of the weapons found under the girl’s bed.

Attached is a recorded conversation between two Islamic Jihad terrorists regarding the transfer of weapons inside a baby stroller:

November 16, 17:30

◼Defense Minister Yoav Gallant says the IDF has located “significant findings” in Shifa Hospital.

“The operation continues and it is carried out in a precise, selective, but very very determined manner,” he says.

He says the IDF has completed the capture and clearing of the western part of Gaza City. “The next phase has begun.”

◼The IDF says it has “clear information” indicating a connection between Hamas terrorist’s activity in Shifa Hospital and the captives, as well as “new findings” indicating a Hamas tunnel network under the hospital.

They are investigating laptops and other technological means that were found in the medical center. On one of the laptops, a background showed an image of Pvt. Ori Megidish before she was captured.

The IDF says that during scans today “new findings were found indicating significant underground infrastructure in the hospitals, and our forces are working to uncover them.”

◼IDF strikes had continued throughout the day all over the Gaza Strip, and so did armed clashes in the Northern part of the Gaza Strip and Gaza City in general.

◼Hamas terrorists take responsibility for the shooting attack in the Minharot / Tunnels crossing South of Jerusalem.

November 16, 19:30

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November 16, 19:30

◼IDF spokesperson: During the past week, soldiers of the Commando Brigade, together with soldiers of the Armored and Combat Engineering Corps and with air support, conducted operational activity north of Al-Shati, the densest area the IDF has operated in since the beginning of the fighting in Gaza.

During the operational activity, the Commando Brigade coordinated 54 precise strikes from the air, sea, and land, during which Hamas terrorists were eliminated and terrorist infrastructure, booby-trapped buildings, and tunnel shafts were destroyed.

In parallel, the soldiers conducted operational activity at a booby-trapped hotel in the northern Gaza Strip and found large stockpiles of weapons.

The weapons were subsequently destroyed by the IDF.

Attached to this post is a video from the activities of the Commando soldiers in the Gaza Strip.

Attached is a video from the body cameras of the soldiers of the Commando Brigade:

Attached is a sync of 1LT O., An Intelligence Officer in the Egoz Unit:

Attached are related photos:

November 16, 20:39 Isreal time


IDF: The body of Yehudit Weiss, who was abducted by Hamas, was extracted by IDF troops from a structure adjacent to the Shifa Hospital in Gaza and was transferred to Israeli territory. In the structure in which Yehudit was located, military equipment including Kalashnikov rifles and RPGs were also found.

Following an identification process conducted by military medical and rabbinate personnel, together with the Institute of Forensic Medicine and the Israel Police, today (Thursday), IDF and Israel Police representatives informed the family of Yehudit Weiss, who was abducted from her home in Be’eri on October 7th by Hamas, that she has been declared dead. The IDF sends its heartfelt condolences to the family.

The national task before our eyes is to locate the missing and return the abducted persons home. The IDF is operating alongside and in full coordination with the relevant national and security institutions in order to pursue these tasks. We will not cease from the mission until it will be completed.

November 16, 21:30

ISRAEL REALTIME — “Connecting the World to Israel in Realtime”

November 16, 21:30:

◼ IDF spokesperson: IDF troops continue to operate and locate terror infrastructure used by Hamas in hospitals; In the Shifa Hospital, IDF troops found an operational tunnel shaft and a vehicle containing a large number of weapons

IDF troops belonging to the Shaldag Unit, the 7th Brigade, and additional special units continue at this hour to conduct targeted activity in the Shifa Hospital. Today, Hamas’s tunneling infrastructure was exposed inside the hospital. Furthermore, a booby-trapped vehicle that was prepared for the October 7th massacre was discovered, containing a large amount of weapons and ammunition.

In parallel, as part of the ongoing ground activity and searches in the Rantisi Hospital, troops of the Yahalom Unit and 401st Brigade continued to unearth an operational tunnel.

Attached are initial photos of the tunnel that show the structure of the tunnel and the blast doors used by Hamas to prevent the entrance of IDF troops into the underground infrastructure.

Furthermore, troops of the Paratroopers Brigade are operating in the Al-Quds Hospital, where weapons and ammunition are located.

Attached to this post is a video of the operational tunnel shaft located on the grounds of the Shifa Hospital:

Attached is a video of the above-mentioned vehicle inside the Shifa Hospital that contained weapons:

Late Night Nov 16 22:56

◾JENIN (Arab City Samaria)… (enemy report)… IDF is active in the city tonight. Exchange of fire, explosives thrown at troops. A large number of Israeli forces. IDF bulldozers are now making their way into Jenin. Electricity was cut off to part of the city.

◾HUSSAN (Arab City Judea – opposite Beitar Illit)… (enemy report) Large IDF forces moving into the village of Hussan.

◾INFILTRATION ALERT – ASDOT YA’AKOV, Jordan Border: (10:00 PM) Due to fear of an incident at the border, the residents are asked to enter their homes and lock their doors. Vehicles will not be allowed to enter or exit the settlement except for security forces.

Update: a suspected security incident in the Yarmouch River area is being investigated. The security forces are deployed in the area, the Jordanian army is also participating in the scans and is carrying out deterrent fire, which is coordinated with our forces.

◾IDF CAPTURES LONG RANGE ROCKETS…. Bader 3 missiles with a range of 250 km were captured by the IDF and removed from the Gaza Strip.

◾HAMAS SAYS… Head of Hamas political bureau, from comfort in Qatar: “Our people and our resistance continue to fight a battle of honor, pride, and dignity… glory that has no equal in bravery, courage and daring, the heroes of the resistance direct their painful blows on our enemy’s army… We are conducting a strategic conflict with the Zionist enemy”

◾JORDAN CANCELS POWER-WATER DEAL… Israel & Jordan were cooperating on a Red Sea development project to build a power station and a water desalination station. Jordan today announced canceling the agreement due to the war. Former PM Bennett responded: “Don’t want, don’t need. The government led by me promoted this agreement and I can state in the clearest way: Israel has enough energy sources for electricity; Jordan does not have enough water for its people. That’s why we, as good neighbors, initiated the desalination of seawater; Flowing sweetened water into the Jordan River, to allow Jordan to pump more water and irrigate its inhabitants. We did this to help our neighbors who are thirsty for water. f the leaders of Jordan want the people of Jordan to be thirsty, that is their right.”

◾ISRAELI TV REPORTERS VISIT GAZA… (Hebrew only, no English subtitles)
. Ch. 14 –
. Kaan 11 –

◾CHABAD ACTIONS in GAZA… (???) Just outside Gaza, Chabad is operating a “mitzvah mobile” to put on tefillin, learn Torah, and pray, which was visited yesterday by the Defense Minister. Inside Gaza, reserve soldiers who are Chabad brought in materials to set up a Chabad (self-service) tefillin booth. And today reserve soldiers brought in a portable printing station, to follow a Chassidic goal of printing the Chassidic book Tanya in every location – printing a copy in Gaza.

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