Are Kosher Chicken Prices On The Rise Due To Bird Flu In America

Updated On 04/01/2022

The short answer is that this is affecting all poultry, this flu virus isn’t targeting only kosher chickens.

Prices were starting to rise prior to the flu due to the human Covid-19 pandemic and the slower supply chain that it has caused due to labor shortages.

Chicken prices will continue to rise because of the high demand and low availability of chicken poultry This outbreak affects chickens, turkey, other poultry and wild birds, bird flu is spreading fast, and chickens are dying in the millions.

According to the CDC Poultry Affected: 17,271,073

States with Poultry Outbreaks: 23

Are Kosher Chicken Prices On The Rise Due To Bird Flu In America

Bird Flue is threatening all poultry and lots of wild birds

Bird Flue is threatening poultry

Avian Influenza is spreading quickly, killing millions of chickens.

Poultry farms across America see the devastating loss over 45 Million chickens dead.

See link to USDA website with a complete list of states

Bird flue virus has spread throughout Europe: The virus, which was spread by migratory birds migrating in the autumn, infected every country in the European Union except Malta and Cyprus, with Italy suffering the most serious consequences. As is typical in the spring, outbreaks were nearly over in almost all of them by the end of March, according to data from the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).

The Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza has nearly doubled during the past month.

The highly pathogenic Eurasian H5N1 strain affects both commercial facilities and small backyard farms. Both Minnesota and South Dakota have reported new commercial poultry outbreaks in recent developments.

Chickens are not the only animals that have been affected by bird flu. The disease has also harmed many other bird species and reptiles. This virus has spread rapidly and is expected to infect millions more animals in the coming weeks if a cure is not found soon.

 A sad reality is that processing workers are busy dumping chickens instead of the usual day of labor, including processing and packaging poultry. 

Conclusion this bird flue not just affects the kosher industry; this is affecting all birds and poultry farms.

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